"The Goblin's Glare" is the ninth short story in Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


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Source: Fear Street (Blogspot)

Mike is a great artist who has made a very realistic and repulsive papier-mâché goblin. Mike plans to hang the goblin by the front door to terrify trick or treaters. He thinks he is overestimating the power of construction paper. He keeps saying it will give people nightmares, but he's the one who ends up having a nightmare. The goblin comes to life and tries to steal his soul or something. The goblins motives are unclear. Mike has the same nightmare the following day in class. Everyone laughs at him for freaking out. On Halloween night, Mike makes some changes to make the goblin seem less insane. It obviously doesn't work. As Mike and his friend Karen are trick-or-treating, Mike gets a very bad feeling and runs home to find the goblin standing in the front hall, waiting for him. Mike runs upstairs, away from the goblin's gurgling laughter and brittle yellow fingernails, only to find HIMSELF asleep in bed which means this yet another dream. The GOBLIN'S dream and Mike is about to be eaten...