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The Curse of Camp Cold Lake was the fifty-sixth book in the Goosebumps book series. It was preceded by The Blob That Ate Everyone and followed by My Best Friend is Invisible.

The illustration on the cover shows a ghost emerging from the lake.


Sarah is sick and tired of how people at her camp treat her. Sarah then decides to pretend she drowns and everyone feels bad about it. Until she finds out that someone is stalking her and the plan is messed up. Because there is someone under the cold and dark lake.

She then wakes up in the "ghost world" where she meets Della. Then, Della suddenly reveals she is a ghost by floating. Sarah then realizes she has to be dead if she is Della's buddy. She then is welcomed by Liz and tells her that it was a close call. Then Della keeps stalking her and trying to make Sarah her buddy. Afterwards, she tries to escape through the woods.

She finds Della and shouts that she never drowned like her. Della suddenly tells Sarah that she didn't drown, but tried to sneak away into the woods. She had not knew that there were poisonous snakes in the woods and died by a snakebite. Her plan was to scare Sarah away from the lake and into the woods. Briana then saves her. Sarah goes to hug Briana but then Briana explains that Della killed her last summer and asks if Sarah wants to be her buddy...forever.


The book received a mixed review from Troy Steele of Blogger Beware. Troy has stated that the book is "frustating". He praised the eerie snowy camp sequence in the middle, and he thought the twist that Della didn't drown in the lake is both "clever and unexpected". But Troy has also criticized that the final twist with Briana is "illogical", the book's prose was "clunky", and Sarah, the protagonist was "insufferably annoying". He ended up giving the book a "Thumbs Down", although he likes the cover a lot.

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  • The fact that the girl on the cover does not quite fit the description of Della or Briana leaves open the idea that we are seeing the ghastly sight that Sarah will eventually become.
  • The story of Della's demise is similar to that of horror villain, Jason Voorhees's demise from Friday the 13th.
  • There exists a version in which the book is literally half the book length, although still the same story, various parts were cut.
  • This book was never made into a television episode for the Goosebumps television series.


  • Doesn't it seem weird that the counselors didn't notice that someone (Brianna), who died a year ago had been enrolling into the camp again?
    • Brianna's death could have been unknown.
  • Why can the camp counselors see Brianna, but not Della?
  • Isn't it strange that Brianna gave Sarah a strange glance when she told her she had seen a ghost?

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