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Cuckoo Clock of Doom Front Cover
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
Tagline Keep your eye on the birdie!
Author(s) R.L. Stine
Cover artist Tim Jacobus
Publisher Scholastic
Media type Print (Paperback)
Release date February 1995
Pages 118
Number of Endings
Series Goosebumps
Series number 28
Saga None
Previous book A Night in Terror Tower
Next book Monster Blood III

The Cuckoo Clock of Doom was the twenty-eighth book in the Goosebumps book series.  It was preceded by A Night in Terror Tower and followed by Monster Blood III.

Tv Plot

Michael Websters little sister Tara torments him constantly for her own amusement. While appearing like a little angel to her parents and constantly getting her big brother into trouble

When she sabotages his birthday and humiliates him in front of the girl he likes. He decides he's had enough. He sabotages his dad's new Cuckoo clock by turning the bird's head back so Tara will get blamed.

However when he wakes up the next day, it's not tomorrow, it's yesterday! He realises the clock has magical time control powers. He tries to use this to his advantage by going over the day again and trying to avoid getting humiliated again. He suceeds in not getting the same way as last time at least.

Angry and frustrated he soon finds himself scared when he wakes up the next day and finds himself several years younger, and realises if this continues he will cease to exist.

Unfortunately he is unable to do anything that time, and fully expecting to disipear the next day. Goes to bed and wakes up as a baby barely able to walk.

Finding out his father was planning to go to the antiques shop he would one day buy the clock from he manages to get his father to take him by acting excited at the prospect of going. There while his father is talking to the owner he spots the clock, still having it's head twisted back from when he broke it in the future. He manages to clamber up a stack of antiques, kicking off a piece of the clock in the process and set the birds head round the right way just as his father spots and reaches him.

He comes to the next day. His real age. He is releaved to be normal again, but is confused when he finds his parents treating him better than normal. Going to his sisters room he finds it's being used as his dads office, with no sign anyone ever lived in it. He spots the clock and his dad comes in and shows him the clock, pointing out that one of the brass plates on the front representing years was missing from the front, the part that Michael broke off when he was climbing it as a baby.

Michael realises that the plate that was missing was for the year Tara was born, his dad laughs and asks who Tara is before leaving. Michael knows that he accidentely stopped his evil little sister from being born, and that he should fix it, which he'l think about.....someday.


  • R.L. Stine said that this was his favorite book in the series.
  • The Cuckoo Clock makes a cameo appearance in The Knight in Screaming Armor. However, when the reader interacts with the clock, they end up becoming the cuckoo bird inside the clock. A different outcome than in the book.

Television Episode

Television Adaptation

  • While in the televised version Michael Webster experience being 12, 6, and a baby in the past, the book has him experience 12, 3rd grade, 2nd grade, kindergarten, nursery school and being a baby.
  • Michael does not experience getting beaten up by Kevin Flowers or being seen in his underwear.
  • This is the only single-part episode to not make it to home video.
  • Michael's dream is different. It is not of a scary version of his birthday. Instead, it is the clock with Tara's head for a cuckoo chasing him.
  • The first time when Michael's father tells Tara not to touch the clock, the father is also visibly more upset than in the book.
  • His father is a lot angrier at finding him at Anthony's Antiques than in the book. Later on, when he was brought back to the present, it is the actual present, and he gets the same scolding from his father that Tara got earlier.  Michael being happy to see his parents again catches his father off guard.
  • Tara's bedroom is his father's office and not Michael's old bedroom.
  • Mr. Webster discovers the year 1988 is missing first.

Television Episode Trivia

  • One of two television episodes whose opening title appeared in white rather than green. The other one is The Girl Who Cried Monster.
  • This television episode failed to get on a DVD or VHS.
  • The second time Michael goes through his birthday, his mother asks him to help her with his cake.  When he goes to her, you see they are outside.  But the first time of Michael's birthday, they were inside.
  • In the scene where Michael is dreaming, he opens the door to the room the cuckoo clock is in and begins to scream. But we hear the scream a split second, before his mouth opens.
  • The first time when Michael's father tells Tara not to touch the clock, you see she has bangs on her forehead. But when she turns around to stick her tongue out at Michael, her bangs are gone.
  • This television episode was adapted into Goosebumps Presents Book #2.
  • This television episode, along with The Girl Who Cried Monster, on their original premieres had a special opening theme in which there was a ten-second remix when R.L. Stine is walking through the grass with the briefcase. When the G passes the dog, that part of the music is played with a different instrument. There were also different scenes from the television show when the door opened.
  • When Michael looks in the mirror at age 6, his scream and facial expression is exactly the same as Macaulay Culkin's scream in the Home Alone movies. He also bears a resemblance to him.
  • John White (Michael Webster at 12) played Steve Boswell in Season 2's The Haunted Mask II.

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