"The Cat's Tale" was the seventh short story featured in the book More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


A young girl named Marla is very upset, when her family decides to pack up and move from New York to River Falls. She misses so much, like taxis, her friends, and much more. One night when the electric goes out, she has a nightmare about a monster attacking and wakes to see a black cat that somehow found a way into her room. Marla falls in love with the cat and names it Misty. They spend every day together until she eventually goes to the swimming pool. The water freaks her out, something claws her leg, and she gets pushed into the pool. Her brother then hands her Misty and says the cat followed her there. Marla keeps hearing whispers singing a song about a cat's nine lives and that Misty will take over her body at night as she slowly becomes more cat like, including only wanting to eat tuna, drink milk, and having a fear of water. She tries to give the cat to an animal shelter, but Misty comes back. Marla then takes her out in a carrier, and while stopping to grab a soda, she hears screeching tires. A guy jumps out of his truck and freaks out that he hit and killed her cat. Marla goes home with a smile on her face, only to hear the whispered song come back later that night about eight lives left.