The Birthday Party of No Return is the sixth and final book in the Hall Of Horrors book series. It was preceded by Don't Scream!

The cover illustration features a vulture's claw cutting into a birthday cake.


Lee Hargrove wishes he could be lucky like his friend Cory Duckworth. Cory has to be the luckiest child on the planet. Even Laura Groden, the girl Lee has a crush on, prefers to hang out with Cory. All Lee wants in life is to get a scholarship to Summer Sports Camp. But there is only one scholarship from his school and he is competing against Cory and Laura.

Then Lee receives a good luck charm in the mail. It is a vulture's claw and Lee's life seems to change immediately. Until bad things start to happen. The vulture's claw is bringing really bad luck. Lee tries to give it to Cory as a birthday present, but Cory already has one of his own. When both boys' luck take a turn for the worse, Laura wins the scholarship and admits to sending the bad luck charms to both boys.


  • When the book was first released, the Claw was thought to be the main antagonist, but it turned out it was Laura, also revealing the Claw to be a secondary antagonist.
  • The pre-release cover art has features not seen in the final cover art. The lighting was brighter, and the cake's designed was completely different.
  • The title can be viewed as misleading. The book only has one scene where it took place at a birthday party. And the birthday party was not the origin nor the beginning of the events that happened in this story. The claw on the cover is very accurate but the cake only appeared in once scene. It is not like Lee is stuck at a birthday party throughout the rest of the story or something.
The birthday party of no return

The early version of the cover art.

International Releases


Goosebumps Hall of Horrors series
#01 Claws!#04 Why I Quit Zombie School
#02 Night of the Giant Everything#05 Don't Scream!
#03 The Five Masks of Dr. Screem#06 The Birthday Party of No Return

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