The Barking Ghost is the seventh episode of season 3 and the fifty-first episode overall. It is based on the thirty-second Goosebumps book of the same name.


Differences from the Book

  • The episode gives a bit of history behind the ghost dogs; they used to be robbers hiding from the law, but they were attacked by dogs and killed. The robbers now haunt the woods looking for humans to switch bodies with them.
  • In the episode, Cooper and Margaret are turned back to normal, but Cooper's older brother Mickey is mistakenly transformed into a chipmunk as a punishment for harassing and bullying him.
  • In the episode, the Changing Room is called the Changing Tree. It's the former in the book.


  • Blair Slater (Cooper Holmes) played Daniel O'Dell in Season 3's Night of the Living Dummy III.
  • Paul Miller (Mr. Holmes) played Dr. Harold Deep in Season 4's Deep Trouble.
  • Goofs: The small twig in Margaret's hair disappears and reappears randomly, after she and Cooper are pushed into the cave in the ground.