"Suckers!" is the fifth short story in More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


The main character of this story is Ashley. She is spending the summer with her cousin Greg and younger brother Jack. Her summer is being ruined by two boys named Alex Pratt and Jimmy Stern. They bully Ashley, Greg, and Jack because they are wimpy.

One day while Ashley, Greg, and Jack are exploring the beach, they find a trunk. They open it and a green and slimy blob leaps out and grabs Ashley's leg. Ashley finds out that the creature has suckers (like an octopus). They are able to control the creature by feeding it gummy worms. When the kids run out of gummy worms, the creature latches on to Greg. Jack and Ashley have to leave him so they can get more gummy worms. Jack and Ashley go to the store and get some more gummy worms. On their way back, Jack and Ashley are almost stopped by Alex and Jimmy, but they manage to get back to Greg.

When Ashley and Jack return, Greg is completely covered by the blob creature. They use the new gummy worms to lure the creature back into the trunk it came from. Once they do this, Alex and Jimmy find them. Ashley, Greg, and Jack run away from Alex and Jimmy. Alex and Jimmy don't chase after them because Alex notices a bag of gummy worms sticking out of the trunk on the beach. Jimmy pulls open the lid of the trunk.