"Strained Peas" is the third short story in the book Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Nicholas Morgan is reading a comic book called Iron Man: The Mark of Dr. Destro. Then his mother arrives home from the hospital with the baby, Hannah. Strange things start to happen around her. Her eyes change color, her heart-shaped birth mark grows, and she even wants to kill him! He comes to believe that Hannah is a monster, despite his parents' assurances that there is a perfectly normal explanation for everything.

Eventually it is discovered that while in the hospital, Hannah was accidentally switched at birth with the boy's real sister, and she is not related to him at all. She is returned to the hospital. The boy seems pleased with the real baby, Grace - until she begins talking in an evil voice and commands him to stop the baby talk and bring her some food. Hearing this, Nicholas realizes that this baby may be worse than the last and sighs in exhaustion.


Television Episode

Television Episode Trivia

  • This television episode was released on DVD along with It Came from Beneath the Sink!.
  • Tyrone Savage (Nicholas) played Daniel in Season 1's, It Came from Beneath the Sink!.
  • Booth Savage and Janet-Laine Green, who played Nicholas' parents, not only were a real-life couple at that time, but they were the real-life parents of Tyrone Savage, who played their son.
  • It is shown that Hannah's real parents are monsters as only their hands can be seen when they are reunited with her.
  • In the television episode of "Strained Peas", Nicholas's real baby sister's name is Grace and not Hannah. The real baby is named Chloe, instead of Grace in the book.
  • The toy block that Sam picks up from Grace's crib bears the Goosebumps "G" logo.
  • When Nicholas is fighting with the baby for the remote, the channel is switched and a scene from a previous episode, Say Cheese and Die! is shown. Ironically, the next episode after Strained Peas was its sequel, Say Cheese and Die - Again!
  • This episode was not very well received, giving it a 5.5/10 star rating on IMDb.

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