The following is a list of characters from Son of Slappy in the order they are mentioned or appear.


Character Medium Description
Book Author R.L. Stine narrates the introduction to this book.
Book Jackson is a very good kid, who always do his homework, is nice to everyone, helps his friends, and volunteers at the Youth Center.
Rachel Stander
Book Rachel is Jackson’s younger sister but his complete opposite. She is always in trouble, always lies, and gives gives her family a bad time. She usually calls Jackson “Robot”.
Mr. Stander and Mrs. Stander
Book These are the parents of Jackson and Rachel. Mrs. Stander is always cracking jokes. She wanted to be a comedian, but ended up being a bank manager.
Book Froggy is little kid who Jackson usually entertains at the Youth Center. He is short and chubby, and has curly red hair. His real name is not implied in the book.
Book Nikki is another kid from the Youth Center. She’s a cute and has short blonde hair. She is very timid, but she likes Jackson.
Mrs. Lawson
Book Mrs. Lawson is the Youth Center’s head counselor.
Mickey Haggerty
Book Mickey is one of Jackson’s best friends. He is tall and thin and has copper-colored hair. He is best known as “Stick”, due to his thinness.
Grandpa Whitman
Book Grandpa Whitman is strange old man who is the father of Mrs. Stander and Jackson’s grandfather. He lives in a big house, where he keeps all his weird collections. Like his daughter, Whitman loves to tell jokes.
Book Edgar is Grandpa Whitman’s housekeeper. He seldom talks, but it’s a kind man who likes children.
Book Slappy is an old evil dummy craved out of a cursed coffin’s wood. He comes to life when someone says out loud the words “Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano”.
Aunt Ada and Uncle Josh
Book Aunt Ada is the aunt of Jackson and Rachel, and Uncle Josh is the siblings' uncle.
Miles Naylor
Book Miles is one of Jackson Stander’s best friends, along with Stick. He is African-American, and has curly black hair and a deep voice.
Mrs. Pearson
Book Mrs. Pearson is the director of the YC. Ms. Pearson trusts Jackson completely.
Mr. Haggerty and Mrs. Haggerty
Book These are Stick's parents. Mrs. Haggerty is pretty and funny. Mr. Haggerty is only mentioned.
Book Alyssa is a schoolmate and a friend of Rachel. She is only mentioned.
Mr. Tallen

Also called Mr. Tallon

Book Mr. Tallen is Jackson’s art teacher. His name is originally spelled as Tallen, but it changes to Tallon later in the book.
Miss Hathaway
Book Miss Hathaway is Jackson’s history teacher.
Clay Dobbs
Book Clay is a boy from Jackson’s class who is always in trouble.
Book Noah is Jackson's spoiled cousin.
Dr. Marx
Book Dr. Marx is the Stander family's doctor. He is only mentioned.
Mr. Gurewitz
Book Mr. Gurewitz is the Stander family's neighbor.