Shock Street monsters are the monsters that appear in the Goosebumps book A Shocker on Shock Street.


A Shocker on Shock Street

The location known as Shock Street produces horror films. Through the help of Erin's dad, the park is transformed into a tourist spot filled with animatronics from the movies.

Erin and Marty are fans of the Shock Street films. The two friends go to the studio for a tour, but the monsters on the tour aren't acting like actors, they're acting realistic and dangerous!


Primary Monsters

The following are the Shock Street monsters that played a large role in A Shocker on Shock Street.

  • Wolf-crab: It has the head of a wolf and the body of a crab. The book opens with Erin and Marty watching a movie, Shocker on Shock Street VI, in which the wolf-crab is the main antagonist. The wolf-crab was defeated by the police and was eaten by the people.
  • The Giant Praying Mantis: is a realistic monster than an animatronic. Erin and Marty thought it was just part of the tour, but no, it was real danger! Erin found the way to defeat it, by stepping on it really hard. In the Goosebumps movie it was a real bug instead of a robot.
  • Mad Mangler: The Mad Mangler is a zombie like creature that only strikes when people pass by its grave. Erin and Marty mention that the creature is featured in the film Shocker on Shock Street III.
  • Wolf Boy and Wolf Girl: These two are half-wolf and half-person. They are companions to each other. Erin and Marty thought they were actors until they started to attack them.
  • Skeletons: The skeletons appear several times throughout the book. First, they appear in the Haunted House of Horror, and they appear again to drag Erin and Marty away.

Secondary Monsters

The following are the Shock Street monsters that did not play a large role in A Shocker on Shock Street.

  • Piranha People: The Piranha People were monsters created for a movie called Attack of the Piranha Men. In the TV adaption, a Piranha person is voiced by Ron Stefaniuk. The costume for the Piranha person was later reused in Deep Trouble for one of the fish mutants.
  • Electric Eel woman:
  • Toxic Creep:
  • Toxic Wild Man:
  • Toadinator:
  • Ape Face:
  • Sweet Sue:
  • Captain Sick:
  • Shockro:
  • Great Gopher Mutant:


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