Sabrina Mason

Sabrina Mason is Carly Beth Caldwell's best friend. Sabrina first appeared in the book The Haunted Mask, and she has appeared in numerous books.


Sabrina has starred in three books, The Haunted Mask, The Haunted Mask II (This book was lead by Steve Boswell, so Sabrina did not have a very strong part) and in another book series, Goosebumps HorrorLand, where she appeared in the series' fourth installment, The Scream of the Haunted Mask. In the new book series, Sabrina and Carly Beth have to face a new problem in the theme park, HorrorLand. Sabrina has a strong part in HorrorLand book series, because she is the best friend of Carly Beth, who has the fourth strongest part in the book series. She manages to escape to Panic Park in Help! We Have Strange Powers! In Escape From HorrorLand, Sabrina is one of the six guests who acts like an animal, because of the long-term effects of the Tunnel of Hate. When the haunted mask was put on Carly Beth, Sabrina helps her by kissing her on the cheek, which is proof that they are best friends.

General Information


Sabrina is a kind, talkative and sociable girl who likes to talk a lot about general things such as boys, school and what they would like to do and always enjoys a good laugh. She is very close to Carly Beth and they both like to do everything together and sometimes there are moments when Sabrina teases her friend. Sabrina is very attracted to boys as she finds some of them cute and she is really into clothing a lot. Sabrina does have a tendency to have second thoughts about something, such as when she and Carly Beth were doing the Solar System for their science project, she started to think that it was boring as everyone else's projects were very impressive. And she is quite fond of taking care of kindergarteners at Tumbledown Farms although she considered them beasts. Sabrina is always willing to help out and tries to be very reassuring and she always tries to calm Carly Beth down when she is stressed out.

Physical Appearance

Sabrina is twelve years old, Caucasian, and is very tall and sophisticated-looking with straight black hair and blue eyes.

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Television and Film



  • Sabrina's actress, Kathryn Short, also played Sue Morgan in A Night in Terror Tower. Coincidentally, both of those characters have the same initials.
  • Sabrina is one of the first protagonists to appear in the television series.