Sabre from the TV series

Sabre is a monster who appeared in the ninth Goosebumps book Welcome to Camp Nightmare.


Sabre is a beast who is stated to dwell near the Forbidden Bunk at Camp Nightmoon.

In the TV series, Sabre was featured stalking Billy Harlan. After Billy passed the test, Sabre appears where it was revealed to be an animatronic beast operated by Uncle Al's employee George. George even demonstrated how Sabre works by activating the controls that made Sabre roar.


  • The animatronic Sabre was later recycled for Ripper the Killer Beast in the TV adaption of One Day at HorrorLand.
  • Originally, Sabre was in the second draft of the Goosebumps movie. However, he was among the monsters that were scrapped.