Rocky the Dummy was a living ventriloquist dummy that could come to life. This unique ability was given to him by Slappy.


In Night of the Living Dummy III, he was one of the first dummies Trina's family ever acquired. He did not come to life until the end of the book. Rocky also seems to have a cameo in the book Escape from HorrorLand, however it is unknown if the name "Rocky" refers to the same character.

Television Episode

When Slappy was brought to life by magic words, he decided to also give life to Rocky in order to have someone to do his evil bidding. However, after Trina convinced Rocky that he is part of their family, Rocky then turned on his former master Slappy, and tossed him out the window to be obliterated by lightning. After Slappy was destroyed, Rocky lost the magic that allowed him to have his life-like ability, and went to sleep.

Bride of the Living Dummy

In the television adaption of Bride of the Living Dummy, Rocky's head and a few of his body parts are visible in Jimmy O'James's studio, implying that Slappy took revenge on Rocky prior to the events of the episode.


  • "Never go against the family!"
  • "Keep your bad breath to yourself!"
  • "Sure, sure. Whatever you say, boss."
  • "Not so fast, little lady!"