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Robby Schwartz is the main protagonist in the fifth Goosebumps HorrorLand book, Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz.


He is kind of a strange nerd who likes to make webcomics. His latest and most favorite creation is Dr. Maniac, who somehow escapes into the real world! The same thing happens to his other characters, Purple Rage, Scarlet Starlet (does not appear in the actual Horrorland series, but is mentioned in Lizzy's Fear File at the end of Welcome to Camp Slither), and possibly even Robby's imaginary sister Taylor Schwartz. Although, she never makes a second appearance in Horrorland.


Robby is a geek who really likes to make up stories, especially about Dr. Maniac and is very serious about his comics. He comes up with many ideas for his stories wherever he goes, mainly in the woods, since his parents are nature freaks. He thinks that villains are a lot more interesting and likes to make his main characters villains, rather than making them heroes, but as always, good will always triumph over evil. Robby hates being an only child, which is why he made up Sam and Taylor and is thought to be spending so much time on his computer because he is lonely, but Robby insists that this isn't the case and he just likes to make up stories. Robby also has quite a sense of humor, taking after his father and likes to have a laugh when necessary. He also states that so many jokes are played in his family that it made it hard to believe anything.


Robby is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with long and wild brown hair which is almost blond and blue eyes.


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