Ray Gordon, also known by his clown name, "Mr. Belly Bounce," is the main protagonist of the seventh Goosebumps Most Wanted book, A Nightmare on Clown Street.


Ray wants to spend his summer with his Uncle theo at Koko's Klown Academy, his parents are reluctant at first, but Ray manages to convince them. At the academy, Ray is known by his clown name, "Mr. Belly Bounce" and Theo is known as, "Murder the Clown". While there, good ol' Murder puts on a show by making kids cry, or in this case, "Murder the Audience". Later, they are trapped in Clown Street, but Ray and the other clowns, including Murder, escapes and defeats the Frightener. When Ray comes home, and his parents have dinner waiting for him, he goes to the bathroom to wash his clown makeup off, but it won't come off, it became part of his skin.


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