"Pumpkin Juice" was the first short story featured in the book Still More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Two boys, Charlie and Frank are preparing to go out trick-or-treating. Before leaving though, Frank wants to try making a special beverage from a recipe he found in some booklet earlier. Unfortunately, the disgusting mixture is not at all pleasant and the boys turn into werewolves! Big hungry werewolves...

The boys go door to door ingesting tons of candy and eventually gross things like trash and uncooked, raw meat. It is then Charlie spots his dog, Scout, and overcome by a strong desire, he tries to eat Scout! Soon the two boys learn that the only way to reverse the effects Pumpkin Juice has caused is to make another recipe. But you must use the same flesh from the very same pumpkin used to make the juice. Charlie and Frank race home, only to discover Charlie's mother had baked the pumpkin into a pie! Knowing that the pie's ingredients is supposedly very similar to the antidote they hurriedly both eat the pie. Upon finishing, Charlie's mother approaches them and tells them how much she loved their juice they had made before they left. But now, she feels really hungry...

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