My Best Friend Is Invisible was adapted into an episode of the Goosebumps TV series. It premiered on Fox Network on September 8th, 1997, as the second episode of Season 3, and the forty-sixth episode overall. It was directed by William Fruet.


  • Jon Davey as Sam Jacobs
  • Dalene Irvine as Roxanne
  • Darcy Weir as Brent Green
  • Ted Simonett as Norman Jacobs
  • Arlene Mazerolle as Beverly Jacobs
  • Vickie Papavs as "Teacher"
  • K. Trevor Wilson as "Kid #1"
  • Kamil Orzechowski as "Kid #2"

Differences from the Book

  • Simon and Brutus were absent in the episode.
  • Brent does not mention why he does not make himself known to Roxanne; nor does Sammy offer Brent to be friends with Roxanne instead.
  • The episode mentions that humans should have all been captured by aliens like that are like Sammy.
  • The surprise ending in the episode is mostly different than the one in the book. In the book, after Brent is revealed to be an invisible human, Sammy and his family take Brent back to the intergalactic zoo where all humans are kept. In the TV version, Sammy and his parents gang up on Brent with much more dangerous intent. The TV version also implies that Sammy and his family are the aliens who invaded Earth and got rid of all humans (except for Brent).



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