"Mr. Teddy" is the seventh story featured in the book Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Willa, Gina's spoiled sister, always seems to get whatever she wants. Willa has just talked her mother into buying her a new teddy bear! One with large ruby eyes. Gina complains about her sister being allowed to get such a frivolous toy, especially when she already has plenty of stuffed animals. But her mother does not listen. Willa then names the bear, before she then mocks Gina with it.

Willa shows Mr. Teddy around her bedroom, stopping to show him her porcelain egg collection and her collection of rock star posters. She introduces Mr. Teddy to her old bear, Old Bear, who she then places on a shelf. Mr. Teddy is her new sleeping partner now.

The next morning however, Willa discovers Mr. Teddy propped on the windowsill, even though she fell asleep with him in her arms. Willa goes downstairs and accuses Gina of sneaking into her bedroom and moving Mr. Teddy. But Gina denies this accusation. The next morning, Willa wakes up to see Mr. Teddy resting on top of the dresser, surrounded by the broken pieces of her porcelain egg collection. Willa again accuses Gina of the act, Gina again denies it.

The next morning, Willa wakes up to Mr. Teddy sitting in a pile of her ripped clothing. Willa again attempts to blame it on Gina but her mother informs Willa that she is at choir practice. Very angry, Willa swears revenge on Gina despite being told it could not be Gina this time...

That night, Willa wises up and moves her dresser in front of the door, thinking that would stop Gina from coming in. Hours later, Willa wakes up to her dresser pushed halfway across the bedroom and all of her rock posters torn off her wall. Furious, she storms downstairs and tells her mother what Gina has done, only to learn that Gina spent the night at a friend's house and could not have done the deed.

Out of rage and anger, Willa runs back into her bedroom and rips off Mr. Teddy's head and tears him into shreds. She then picks up Old Bear from the shelf and cuddles him. Old Bear figures she will not abandon him again like that after all the work he did.

After all, he is going to be with her forever whether she likes it or not...