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More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps is the sixth and final book in the Tales to Give You Goosebumps series. This book and The 12 Screams of Christmas are the only Christmas-themed Goosebumps books.

Featured stories

The following stories are all Christmas-themed.

  • Don't Sit on the Gronk - A boy receives a Kooshball-shaped creature as a Christmas present.
  • Nutcracker Nightmare - A young girl and her parents are invited by her teacher to see The Nutcracker when strange things happen.
  • The Ice Vampire - Two kids meet an ice vampire that wants their warmth.
  • A Holly Jolly Holiday - A girl gets annoyed with the video of a holiday special that causes her family to act strange.
  • Why I Hate Jack Frost - A boy spending Christmas in Arizona has a recurring dream about Jack Frost.
  • Marshmallow Surprise - A bitter old woman invites the kids that she has issues with for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in it.
  • Monster on Ice - A boy receives "Monster Skates" that suddenly make him more faster and aggressive.
  • The Double-Dip Horror - Twin sisters arrive at the Ice Cream Cone Ski Lodge where they have problems with one the skiing students.
  • Santa's Helpers - A girl and her brother are mistaken for Santa Claus' missing Christmas Elves due to the way they are dressed.
  • Attack of the Christmas Present - Two brothers receive gifts from their uncle where one of them gains a "Robot Tag" that starts to pursue him.

Cover Art Gallery



More and more and more tales to give you goosebumps bundle
  • The book originally came bundled with a Goosebumps themed Christmas stocking when it first released.

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