"Monster on Ice" is a short story in More & More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


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Max's younger sister Jessica insists on swiping clothes from his closet and putting them on the family dog, a German Shepherd named Stinker. Max doesn't want the family dog to wear his hockey jersey and he puts a kibosh on the whole plan.

Christmas morning rolls around and Max gets an awesome gift: Monster Skates! They're just normal skates with the word "Monster" on them, but they still elicit a wild response in Max. He rushes out to start a hockey game with his pals. The new skates allow him to move faster than ever before but he finds himself becoming more aggressive towards his opponents.

Max starts growling at everyone else playing the game and starts to grow fur. Max takes off the skates and turns back into a human. He runs home and hides the skates in his closet, then runs back to the ice rink to apologize for his behavior.

Max arrives back home. He hears a din coming from his closet. He's terrified that Jessica has put on the skates and rushes into the room. Jessica calmly greets him and tells him that she didn't put his skates on. Max breathes a sigh of relief... until Jessica tells him that she put the skates on Stinker.