"Monster Blood" is the fifteenth episode of season two of the Goosebumps TV series, and the thirty-fourth episode overall. It premiered on Fox Kids Network on November 16, 1996.


  • Kyle Labine as Evan Ross
  • Sarah Podemski as Andy
  • Corinne Conley as Aunt Katherine
  • Joy Tanner as Sarabeth
  • Mark Benesh as Curtis
  • Mark Melymick as Dad
  • Janet Land as Mom
  • Ashley Dawn Brown as Julia (uncredited)

Differences from the book

  • Evan and Andy find the Monster Blood in a room Kathryn forbid them from entering. In the book, they bought a can of Monster Blood at an old toy store.
  • Trigger is a collie mix instead of a cocker spaniel.
  • The twin bullies were omitted.
  • Kathryn is not deaf.

Home releases

The Monster Blood DVD was released in 2008 to celebrate the release of Goosebumps HorrorLand, and was released alongside the A Night in Terror Tower and One Day at HorrorLand DVDs. The DVD features the following episodes:





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