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Monster Blood was adapted into an episode of the Goosebumps TV series. The episode aired on Fox Network on November 16, 1996 as the fifteenth episode of Season 2. It was directed by Timothy Bond.


  • Kyle Labine as Evan Ross
  • Sarah Podemski as Andy
  • Corinne Conley as Aunt Katherine
  • Joy Tanner as Sarabeth
  • Mark Benesh as Curtis
  • Mark Melymick as Dad
  • Janet Land as Mom
  • Ashley Dawn Brown as Julia (uncredited)

Differences from the Book

  • In the book, Evan and Andy buy a can of Monster Blood at an old toy store. But in the television episode, they find it in a room Kathryn forbid them from entering.
  • In the book, Trigger was a cocker spaniel. But in the television episode, Trigger was a collie mix.
  • In the television episode, there weren't any twins.
  • In the episode, Kathryn is not deaf.


Tv book 15

The Goosebumps Presents book based off the TV episode


Television Episode


Monster Blood DVD

The Monster Blood DVD was released in 2008 to celebrate the release of Goosebumps HorrorLand, and was released along with A Night in Terror Tower and One Day at Horrorland. The DVD featured the following episodes:

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