Molly Molloy is a friend of Britney Crosby. She is the second main character in the first Goosebumps HorrorLand book, Revenge of the Living Dummy. She is the daughter of the man who owns the cursed Shrunken Head. Slappy tried to erase their minds with it, but the two girls overpowered the dummy. Molly and Britney recieve invitations to HorrorLand, as Very Special Guests. The two girls are missing for most of the series. Giving Molly the third weakest part in the HorrorLand series, because of her disappearance throughout most of the series.

General Information

Physical appearance

Molly is twelve years old, Caucasian, taller than Britney and thin with lighter and curlier coppery hair and brown eyes. And she is more into sports.


Molly is a very serious girl, much more serious than Britney. She could be like this due to her parents' divorce and since her father is always traveling and is kind of a flake, Molly feels like she has to be the grown-up of the house. Molly is most uncomfortable with her father's discoveries in their attic and often has nightmares about them and really doesn't it when he presents his studies to her and Britney. Molly rarely has a laugh, with Britney trying to get her to do so and to get her to like Buzzy from Skullboy, whom Molly doesn't like the look of and everything about him. But so far that hasn't ruined their friendship and Molly does occasionally smile. She and Britney are very close as they both like to paint and make lists and they finish each other's sentences like they have one brain. And they both understand what a creep Ethan is.

List of appearances

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