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  • With Jacobus, White, and Nagata covered (and Dorman and Stine essentially off the table), who should I try to interview next?

    My ideas:

    • People from the Goosebumps film (production members or actors).
    • Scott Westerfeld?
    • Artists for the Ghosts of Fear Street series. (I've had trouble getting in contact with them though.)
    • Unknown interior artists for GYG books.

    For anyone besides Goddy who happens to read this post, please be considerate and don't comment in this thread. I'd like this thread to stay 1-on-1.

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  • Hey, ever since we've started including reprint covers in infoboxes, I've been thinking: shouldn't we address the fact that there are different illustrators for each iteration?

    We either need to list all of the artists or say "Original cover artist" or something.

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  • Sorry for the bother, but do you think that I can be one? I took a look to the User Rights Requirements and I wanted to know if I could. 

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  • I think Say Cheese and Die should be November's featured article, due to it being the 25th anniversary of the book.

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  • Since you've been away for a little while, I'll share some cool news with you. :)

    Kreepsville recently released a Goosebumps beach towel! It features Curly, and I know you'll like that.

    Apparently, Scholastic now uses the same font as us. Dunno when you'll see this, but I figured you might find it amusing.

    Lastly: new banner on the homepage for this weekend, Monday, and Tuesday only!

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    • >4chan intensifies.

      Do you want me to change the color????///

      >They're not all bad. I'm sure one of them could be featurable.


      >How 'bout this, if I map Revenge of the Body Squeezers, can we use it for December or January?

      We'll see.

      >Maybe during Thanksgiving break?


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  • Can we talk about this cover for a minute? [Goosebumps comic book cover 1, "RI Cover"]

    I actually find the art super aesthetically pleasing; the characters look cute, and I think the watercolor style came out great. But how on earth does this convey any sense of danger, suspense, or horror?

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  • Hey Goddy, how's it going?

    Well, once the cover for Escape from Shudder Mansion was revealed, I guess it's time to change the color of its section on the Slappyworld Template. I think some kind of yellow/brown would fit perferctly, and it would also be super cool, I guess

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  • Hopefully you saw what I did for Weekend at Poison Lake! I'm proud of myself.

    But anyways, that brings me to the topic that has been driving me batty for a while now: Are there hidden pages in any GYG books?

    Since nobody reads the books start to finish, it would be so easy to have a useless page with hidden info on it. To my knowledge, this only happens in Checkout Time at the Dead-End Hotel; there are codes hidden on pages 139 and 140, and the reader is never instructed to go there.

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    • Lol!

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  • This page has essentially one sentence on it, and it's for a one-off character:

    Aside from the infobox, it's not useful. Also, the mask is never called "The Old Man Mask", so why is the article called that. To be honest, I'm the slightest nudge away from banning GoosebumpsResearcher who's been undoing some changes to that article without discussion. These are both recurring issues for him.

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  • Nice job on the Halloween update on the homepage guys! Along with the new wiki logo, it's shaping up real nice. ^^ Think a new poll on the Halloween stories will be made as well?

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