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  • I was searching through copyright filings related to Goosebumps hoping to find something interesting. I guess I got what I wanted, because I can't tell what the heck this is.

    "Title: Goosebumps series 2000 / The haunted house."

    Is that a typo for The Haunted Car? Because that wouldn't explain why it shows up again and again. Is it a copyright for "The Haunted House Game", but the title is cropped? If so, why is it listed as a Series 2000 book? It probably isn't another lost book from 2000, because I can't even find The Incredible Shrinking Fifth Grader.

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  • Hey there wow Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is gonna be awesome but what about monsters and villains from the first film of Goosebumps along with new monsters

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  • OK, i decided to run a poll on what my fan seires should be.

                                             1. It will be a 12 story seires called Goosebumps A.T.E (After Twist                                                          Endings)

                                              2. It will be a 4 part journal log on the universe of the Creeps. But                                                               heres the kicker: this story will take place 50 years after Calling                                                         All Creeps, so the planet is taken over by thousands of Creeps                                                 

                                               or 3......... I dunno, it would have to be a user-created setting, world,                                                       and name.

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  • 1st thing: I now go to bookmans every saturday to get old/new Goosebumps books, so this means i can do more work for the wiki

    2nd ting: Also ill be working on my own fan made book called: Planet Of The Creeps. Rather than events happen in the story in real time it is a collection of journal entries from a universe were Calling All Creeps happened in the past (50 years) and Creeps are the dominate race, I won't spoil the ending but it has something to do with Ricky Beamer.

                                                                                                      -With Regards, Dj

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    • Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns: This one will probably look a lot like Jacobus's but slightly tilted — and the pumpkins will all look angry.
      • He did this for The Haunted Mask 2.
    • Bride of the Living Dummy: It'll probably take place at a wedding.
      • Still right, but I wan't very specific.
    • The Headless Ghost: Either a high angle shot of a headless ghost stumbling around a house or a decapitated ghost head.
      • Nope
    • The Haunted Mask 2: A high angle shot of Chuck wearing the old mask clutching his head.
      • Nope


    • AotJO'L: Angry pumpkin faces with a looottt of candy going everywhere.
      • Angry, yes. Candy, no.
    • BotLD: REALLY angry dummies cutting a cake or something.
      • Angry, yes. Cutting, no.
    • The Headless Ghost: This one might be more laid back. It'll probably just intimidate Tim's cover.
      • The complete opposite of "laid back". Lol.
    • The Haunted Mask 2: aNgRy mAsK
      • Angry, yes. Angry, no.
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    • Also, I'm loving the new template I made. {{m|}} returns (mirror).

      It might seem like a small feature, but it's so much quicker than typing out <small>([ mirror])</small>.

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    • Very nice!

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  • I hope you have a great day with your family and friends! Have fun!

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  • Good job on adopting this wiki i hope that this wiki continues to grow and that you have a great day, :)

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  • Right now, I'm working on a new navigation feature. I'm keeping it under wraps for the time being. Sure hope it doesn't flop.

    In other news, the film's title has changed again. (I was afraid this would happen.)

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    • >The current navigation is alright, but it's not entirely efficient. If we can simplify the viewing experience, then why not?

      Fine, whatever, keep it. I QUIT!

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  • You uploaded some larger versions of the Piano Lessons Can Be Murder and Stay Out of the Basement, but both images don't seem to show up on articles. When I click the image, I get a message saying:

    Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters


    Are they actually higher quality, or just upscaled?

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  • Hey Goddy, I was really curious, how did you do that book title generator? Like, can you give me the source code of the blog post you created? Thank you!

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    • <i>
      <option>Welcome to </option>
      <option>Egg Monsters from </option>
      <option>Night of the Living </option>
      <option>Return to </option>
      <option>The Beast from </option>
      <option>The Werewolf of </option>
      <option>The Haunted </option>
      <option>The Ghost of </option>
      <option>Attack of </option>
      <option>I Live in Your </option>
      <option>Escape from the Carnival of </option>
      <option>Deep in the Jungle of </option>
      <option>The Creepy Creations of </option>
      <option>Secret Agent </option>
      <option>Toy Terror: </option>
      <option>It Came from </option>
      <option>Into the Jaws of </option>
      <option>Trapped in the Circus of </option>
      <option>Revenge of </option>
      <option>Scary Birthday to </option>
      <option>Elevator to </option>
      <option>Bride of </option>
      <option>Slappy's </option>
      <option>The Streets of </option>
      <option>Help! We Have </option>
      <option>The Wizard of </option>
      <option>The Horror of </option>
      <option>Son of </option>
      <option>Planet of </option>
      <option>How I Met </option>
      <option>Creature Teacher: </option>
      <option>A Nightmare on </option>
      <option>Dr. Maniac Will See </option>
      <option>Frankenstein's </option>
      <option>The 12 Screams of </option>
      <option>Please Do Not Feed </option>
      <option>The Birthday Party of </option>
      <option>My Friends Call Me </option>
      <option>The Scream of </option>
      <option>The Mummy With </option>
      <option>Santa's </option>
      <option>Don't Sit on </option>
      <option>Fun With </option>
      <option>Something Strange About </option>
      <option>The House of </option>
      <option>The Abominable Snowman of </option>
      <option>The Girl Who Cried </option>
      <option>The Cuckoo Clock of </option>
      <option>The Blob That Ate </option>
      <option>My Hairiest </option>
      <option>You Can't Scare </option>
      <option>Go Eat </option>
      <option>Why I'm Afraid of </option>
      <option>Beware, </option>
      <option>Don't Go to </option>
      <option>My Best Friend Is </option>
      <option>How I Got </option>
      <option>Night of the Giant </option>
      <option>Why I Quit </option>
      <option>The Five Masks of </option>
      <option>How to Kill </option>
      <option>Legend of </option>
      <option>Say Cheese and Die Screaming </option>
      <option>Why I Hate </option>
      <option>Diary of a Mad </option>
      <option>Night of a Thousand </option>
      <option>Cry of </option>
      <option>I Am </option>
      <option>Little Shop of </option>
      <option>Dr. Maniac vs. </option>
      <option>Ghost Camp</option>
      <option>the Curse of Camp Cold Lake</option>
      <option>Fever Swamp</option>
      <option>the Headless Ghost</option>
      <option>Camp Nightmare</option>
      <option>Jungle of Doom</option>
      <option>the Creeping Coffin</option>
      <option>Ghost Granny</option>
      <option>the Body Squeezers</option>
      <option>Poison Lake</option>
      <option>the Teenage Sponge Boys from Outer Space</option>
      <option>Scream School</option>
      <option>Slappy's Evil Twin</option>
      <option>the Haunted Mask</option>
      <option>Camp Jellyjam</option>
      <option>Panic Park</option>
      <option>Pickle Robby</option>
      <option>Your Mummy?</option>
      <option>the Mirror</option>
      <option>Chicken Chicken</option>
      <option>the Sink!</option>
      <option>Evan Ross</option>
      <option>Monster Blood</option>
      <option>R.L. Stine</option>
      <option>Terror Tower</option>
      <option>the Lost Legend</option>
      <option>Purple Peanut Butter</option>
      <option>the Vampire!</option>
      <option>My Shrunken Head</option>
      <option>No Return</option>
      <option>the Blob That Ate Everyone</option>
      <option>My Hairiest Adventure</option>
      <option>Shock Street</option>
      <option>Werewolf Skin</option>
      <option>Chiller House</option>
      <option>the Final Exam</option>
      <option>Brain Juice</option>
      <option>Santa's Helpers</option>
      <option>the Werewolf in the Living Room</option>
      <option>Strange Powers!</option>
      <option>Lawn Gnomes</option>
      <option>Graveyard Ghouls</option>
      <option>Plant Food</option>
      <option>Koko's Klown Academy</option>
      <option>Murder the Clown</option>
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    • Thank you very much, Goddy :-)

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