Madison, Delaware is the town where the Goosebumps Movie takes place.

Locations throughout the film

R.L. Stine's House

This is where Stine lives, with his daughter, Hannah Fairchild, this is also where Stine and the kids met Slappy, and, he releases The Haunted Car, and the Lawn Gnomes.

Zach Cooper's House

Zach Cooper and his mother, Gale moved from New York to this two-story house. Is next door to R.L. Stine's house. Is also where Lorraine is attacked by Fifi the Vampire Poodle.

Ice Rink

This is the town's local skating rink, and where, Zach, Hannah, and Champ, faced off against the Abominable Snowman.

Madison Police Station

The Madison Police county station, where Slappy releases The Body Squeezers, and makes them freeze all the cops. Lorraine Conyers was also freezed by the Body Squeezers.

Forest Valley Drive

The free way to town. Is where Slappy releases the E. Ville Creeper's Plants to destroy the phone towers. Is also where our four heroes encounter Brent Green and The Giant Praying Mantis.

Wayfield's Foods

A grocery store that Lorraine Conyers owns, and this is where our four heroes faced Will Blake in werewolf form.

High Grave Cemetery

It's a place for all deceased members of the town, and where our four heroes encountered The Graveyard Ghouls. In the second draft of the movie, our four heroes were attacked by the Beasts of the East.

Madison High School

The school for students grade Freshman-Senior, and the school where Zach, Champ and Hannah (at the end) go to. It's location is where Slappy frees the rest of the monsters to attack R.L Stine and the school. Gale Cooper is the Vice Principal and R.L. Stine is the english teacher of Madison High.

Abandoned Amusement Park

An old Theme park that closed down because it ran out of money while building it, so the people just leave it like that. It's Hannah's favorite place, and it's where the final battle between Slappy and his monster army, and our four heroes takes place, this is also where The Blob was released.

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