The Lord High Executioner is the main villain in the twenty-seventh Goosebumps book, A Night in Terror Tower and the secondary villain in its gamebook sequel Return to Terror Tower.


A Night in Terror Tower

The Lord High Executioner was the head of the prison tower that was originally a walled fort built by Romans where prisoners were cruelly treated. Some of these prisoners were imprisoned for just being unable to pay their taxes. The Lord High Executioner was always ready to do away with whomever was sentenced to death. One day, King Robert took reign of the kingdom and ordered his nephew and niece Edward and Susannah of York to the tower after the deaths of their parents. The Lord High Executioner and his men were ordered to smother the two children. Before they could do so, the real king's sorcerer Morgred used some magic stones to send Susannah and Edward to the future to save them. The Lord High Executioner was spying on Morgred, so he stole the stones and teleported to the future himself.

In the future, the Lord High Executioner caught up with Susannah and Edward (now calling themselves Sue and Eddie) in Terror Tower when they got lost from their tour group. He attempted to persuade the two children to come with him, telling them that he will have no choice but to hurt them if they don't come quietly. He didn't realize that Sue and Eddie had their memories erased by Morgred, so they thought he was a staff for the tour. They eventually realized the Lord High Executioner was for real and he pursued the children throughout the Tower and had eventually had them cornered in a sewer. He almost had Sue in his grasp, but ended up being chased away by rats.

The Lord High Executioner eventually escaped the rats and located Sue and Eddie at The Barclay. There, he ordered Eddie to give the three stones back to him as Eddie pick-pocketed them from him. Eddie attempted to bargain with the Executioner to let them go if he got them back, but the Executioner teleported all three of them back to their real time. Later, he grabbed Eddie while he and Sue were looking around in the village. The Lord High Executioner eventually caught up with Sue and told her that she cannot delay her fate. Sue declined defiantly and tried to hide from him in a peasant's cottage, only to have the peasant give her away. The Lord High Executioner then took Sue back to Terror Tower with Eddie.

At the tower, the Lord High Executioner once again got ready to execute the young prince and princess. But before he could carry out his duties, Sue and Eddie, who got their memories back after being told by Morgred what had happened managed to teleport themselves and the sorcerer into the future.

The Knight in Screaming Armor

The Lord High Executioner was seen in a dungeon at the evil knight's castle and the hero (without realizing it) grabs his neck at the sight of him.

Welcome to the Wicked Wax Museum

The Lord High Executioner was an exhibit at the Wax Museum. He came to life and battled the hero. He was either defeated or in a bad ending the hero becomes an exhibit alongside him with Dr. Izzy Wicked, the museum owner laughing evilly.

Return to Terror Tower

In this story, Sue and Eddie returned, along with a new friend to reclaim their throne from King Robert, their evil uncle who had ordered them to the tower to get them out of the way.

In one of the good endings, the Lord High Executioner was freed after King Robert himself was defeated.

General information

Physical appearance

The Lord High Executioner is a big and powerful man and is completely bald. He is often seen wearing a black cape and a wide-brimmed black hat.


The Lord High Executioner really takes his job very seriously. He is very cruel and sadistic and he would not show any mercy to his prisoners if they do not cooperate with him. He is one to strike fear in many hearts of others, making them never dare to go against his authority. He proved to be quite corrupt and uncaring as he had been attempting to do away with two children under King Robert's orders. Although it could be possible that he is just taking orders (and possibly fearing for his own life if he failed to carry them out).

List of a appearances


Television and Film


  • Robert Collins (television series)
  • Drew Lamkins (Goosebumps movie, credited as "Monster #15")


  • The Lord High Executioner was the first time-travelling villain.
  • The Lord High Executioner doesn't speak in the film.
  • The executioner can be seen holding Slappy with Avery Jones in the "All About Slappy" special feature.
  • The Executioner's appearance in the Goosebumps film is based on his appearance on the cover rather than in the book. In the book, the Executioner is described as tall and thin, and he wears a black hood over his head and a cape. In the movie, he is short, fat, and wears a black mask, which is similar to his appearance on the cover of the book.