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The Lord High Executioner as seen in the television episode.

The Lord High Executioner is a villain in the Goosebumps universe and the primary antagonist of both the book and the television episode A Night in Terror Tower.

In the television special, he was portrayed by Robert Collins.

Character Biography

The Lord High Executioner was a wealthy, powerful man who was both grim and unpleasant. An intimidating man by nature, the Lord High Executioner bribed the peasants of medieval London, England to give up escaped prisoners, who he would oversee be tortured and killed. The Lord High Executioner worked for the the evil uncle of Princess Susannah and Prince Edward. Their uncle intended to claim the throne for his own after having their parents executed unjustly. Before the executioner could kill Edward and Susannah, a kind sourcerer used magical stones to send them into the future so they could escape the executioner and live a normal life in America. However, after a trip back to England, the two are sent back in time and wind up encountering the executioner, who has some unfinished business to take care of. They use the stones to escape back to the present but the executioner followed them, chasing them throughout the torture chamber and later the city of London. However, just in time, they are able to harness the power of the stones and send the executioner back to the middle ages.

The Lord High Executioner had a very sadistic, brutal personality, and was virtually incapable of feeling any emotions. This made him a good fit to decide how severely people would be tortured and if they deserved to die or not.

Other Appearances

  • Lord High Executioner will appear in the 2015 Goosebumps movie. This was proven as he was one of the monsters to appear at the 2014 San Diego Comi-Con.

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