Triple Header - artwork

Lefty, Righty, and Slim are the nefarious three headed monster who hosts the Goosebumps Triple Header books.



Lefty likes to create scares, or something worse. He has sharp teeth, a lizard-like face, and a Mohawk.


Righty is very cautious, he wears glasses, and has combed hair, which may indicate that he's the smart one.


Don't think for a minute you can get away from him. Slim is the center head (possibly making him the leader). He has a completely bald head and huge sharp bottom teeth.



  • Lefty, Righty, and Slim were the mascot of Goosebumps Triple Header, and the second Goosebumps mascot overall; the other mascot being Curly the Skeleton.
  • According to concept art, Lefty, Righty, and Slim were originally going to have pink skin, wear a red shirt, and have the look of a teenage boy.

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