Larry Boyd is the main protagonist of the twenty-sixth Goosebumps book, My Hairiest Adventure.


My Hairiest Adventure

On a cold winter day, Larry and his friends find a bottle of INSTA-TAN in the dumpster, and they decided to try some on. A few hours later, Larry begins growing hair all over his arm's, like King Kong's arms, he tries shaving, but the hair just keeps coming back. One day, his friends disappear, and he finds a dog that resembles one of his friends, later, Larry turns into a dog. In the end, it's revealed that the Tanning lotion had nothing to do with it, Larry and his friends were always dogs, but they were turned into humans and were slowly becoming dogs again.


Larry is twelve, Caucasian, blonde hair and brown eyes, he is also featured on the cover of the book. In the book, he has wavy blonde hair and big ears.