Kermit Majors is the younger cousin of Evan Ross. He first appears in Monster Blood III, and he appears later as a main character in Monster Blood IV.


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Monster Blood III

Kermit lives with his mother, Dee Majors and his pet sheepdog, Dogface in Atlanta. Kermit had taken an interest in doing chemistry work so he was bought his own set and he spent a lot of his time in his basement creating new mixtures by mixing them. Kermit's mother often had to go to work and was unable to watch over Kermit. She couldn't afford a baby-sitter, so she asked her nephew Evan to look after Kermit. Kermit and Evan had gone off to a bad start, partly because Evan thought Kermit was weird for mixing chemicals and doing math tests for fun rather than go outside and play while Kermit played mean jokes on him and forcing him to do what he wants him to do or he will tell his mother that Evan was mean to him. And one time, Kermit melted Evan's sneakers with a bright yellow concoction when he told his cousin it would toughen them up so they would never wear out.

One day, Evan had run into Kermit's neighbor, Conan Barber, a bully who goes to Evan's school. Conan was confronting Evan about looking at his front yard so Kermit came over and told Conan that it is a free country and Evan can look at any yard he wants to. Before Conan could slant Evan's nose for that, Kermit held up a glass beaker with a dark blue liquid and told Conan that it is a Invisibility Mixture and that he will disappear if he poured it on him and explained how he made it. Kermit then told Conan that he had better go home as Kermit didn't really want to use the mixture, to which Conan replied by daring Kermit to pour it on him and make him invisible. Kermit did so, but he knew that this was actually a shrinking mixture he had made so after a long wait, Conan's muscle shirt shrank until it disappeared completely and he beat Evan up for it. After that, Kermit helped Evan back into the house and when his mother came home and asked what had happened, Kermit told her that Evan picked a fight with Conan, putting Evan in trouble.

The next afternoon, Evan (who was very angry with Kermit about the incident) and his friend Andy came and when they came into the basement, Kermit tricked them into thinking that one of his chemicals was going to explode. Then he continued making a cure for Dogface, who was hiccuping. Evan was most objective to this as it is too dangerous to give chemicals to Dogface. Then Kermit noticed that Andy had a mosquito bite and managed to cure it with the mixture he used to shrink Conan's shirt, to her delight. Then Andy tricked Kermit into helping her with a take-home equations exam, helping her cheat in a subject she is terrible at. Then he went back to his cure for Dogface and in spite of Evan's objections, Kermit gave it to his dog. But instead of curing his hiccups, the mixture made the dog go wild, running around the basement, knocking over everything in his way. Dogface eventually calmed down but Mrs. Majors came home to find the mess and Kermit told her that Evan was teasing the dog, putting on a phoney crying show while he was at it, making his mother punish Evan and Andy by cleaning the basement and giving Evan one last chance. Kermit had also deliberately got all of Andy's math answers wrong, getting her in trouble at school. Later the next afternoon, Evan and Andy convinced Kermit to come outside and play Frisbee with them, but not before Kermit gave them some orange soda. Kermit had actually put a laughing mixture in the soda and Evan and Andy started laughing while they were playing Frisbee, accidentally causing it fly into Conan's yard. Kermit told them they had drank his laughing mixture, prompting Andy to chase after him when Conan appeared with Kermit's Frisbee. Kermit asked Conan to give him the Frisbee but the bully was too busy asking why Evan and Andy were laughing, to which Kermit replied that they think he was funny, angering Conan. He made Kermit chase after the Frisbee when he threw it and Kermit was unable to find it. And Conan pounded Evan and Andy when they were still laughing after he counted to three.

Evan and Andy were furious with Kermit for what he had done to them so they decided to pay him back with Monster Blood. So the next afternoon, after Kermit taunted Evan that he told on him to his mother, Evan distracted him with a Choc-O-Lik bar (which is Kermit's favorite) while Andy put some Monster Blood in a mixture Kermit was making. This caused Kermit's mixture to expand and then explode all over the room. Kermit was thrilled at this and asked Andy what she put in the bowl. He then reminded Evan that he will be in trouble if his mother saw the mess. As Kermit and Andy looked around for something to clean the mess with, Evan started to grow into a giant, meaning that he had accidentally swallowed a bit of the Monster Blood! Kermit was astounded at this and was about to see if he could turn into a giant by eating some when Evan stopped him and also Dogface, whom Evan scared the hiccups out of. Kermit and Andy managed to get Evan out of the basement and wondered what they could do about his size, making fun of him while they were at it. Then Evan got revenge on Conan by putting him in the air and then into a tree and they decided to have some more fun, to Kermit's delight. On the way, Kermit tricked Evan into thinking he squashed Andy, when it was actually Conan's skateboard, angering Evan. After Evan accidentally crushed a car, they went to a park where Kermit's cousin brought down a kite and they played baseball for a while until some police arrived looking for Evan. They then attempted to bring Evan down when he berated the crowd to leave him alone and he began to run with Kermit and Andy running off to find him. Kermit eventually found Evan behind a lumber and tricked him into thinking that he was caught and told Evan that it was awesome that the town was after him like in a movie and how amazing it is to Evan's annoyance. Then Evan had the idea that Kermit could use the blue mixture to shrink him back to normal size so they went back to the house, only to find that there was none left. Kermit then offered to make another batch, which failed thrice: first Kermit accidentally made Evan turn blue, then he made Evan have uncontrollable hiccups and finally he made him grow feathers. Then a police cruiser came up, prompting Kermit to try the batch one more time. And this time, Evan was back to his normal size by the time the police were in the backyard. After the police left, Kermit, Andy and Evan celebrated until Mrs. Majors came home and they told her that their day was really boring. But Kermit didn't realize that he made the mixture too powerful, making Evan shrink while he was in bed.

Monster Blood IV

Evan had gone back to his normal size and was staying with Kermit while his parents were away in Tucson. Evan had another run-in with Conan when he got to Kermit's house and Kermit told the bully to leave Evan alone (even though he was) and to pick on someone his own size, prompting Conan to pull the right sleeve of Evan's new sweater and stretch it. Kermit then got Evan into trouble by telling his mother that he picked a fight with Conan and joked that he is going to fix Conan by giving him a formula that grows hair and he will just go, "Woffff woffff". Then in the basement, he made a reluctant Evan put a blindfold on himself so he can guess what is in the jar. Kermit then revealed that he is testing tarantulas on Evan, which Evan is most angered at until Kermit told him to calm down as tarantulas bite if no one is calm. Then Andy came in and appeared to have a can of Monster Blood, which turned out to empty as a joke, triggering the tarantulas to bite Evan until Andy plucked them off much to Kermit's dismay. Then Kermit and Evan had a water fight, which was interrupted by Conan, who asked if they were getting his new shoes wet. Kermit told him to give them a break and boasted that Evan can take him down any day, to Evan's annoyance. Then Kermit raised Evan's water soaker in his hand and made it spray water at Conan's new sneakers. Conan was just about to beat Evan up for that when Andy came and tricked Conan into opening the can that was thought to be Monster Blood, only it was rubber snakes that startled Conan, which Kermit and Andy found hilarious. After that, Evan told Kermit and Andy that Monster Blood is no joke, recalling many of their encounters with it, including how it turned him into a giant and Kermit reminded him that he saved him by shrinking him back to his real size. Then Kermit took out his expensive lab mice and told them that the mice won't get away as long as he has the electric current around the yard turned on and then turned it on, accidentally electrocuting Evan. After apologizing, Kermit asked them to help him find the mice and told them that he will be in trouble if he lost them, as they are expensive. But then Dogface came over and scared the mice away and Conan walked into the electric fence (which Kermit forgot to turn off), resulting in him pulling Evan's ear. At dinner, Kermit got Evan in trouble again by telling his mother that he got into another fight with Conan and that he lost all of his lab mice. Later, Evan was really angry with Conan and he vowed to teach him a lesson, to have revenge on him. Kermit was most intrigued at this and offered to help Evan. Kermit showed Evan an egg that he tested his hair growing formula on and told them that they can use it on Conan and give him werewolf hands, which Evan thought sounded very funny.

Later that night, Kermit woke up to find Evan and Andy outside with a blue can. Kermit came over to see if it was Monster Blood and took off the lid and Evan frantically told him to put it back on, only to have the wind blow it away and onto the gutter. It was then revealed to be Blue Monster Blood in the can. Andy managed to get the lid and then Conan stepped out and asked what they were doing out so late. He then noticed the can and Kermit told him that it is candy that is delicious and teased Conan that they won't be sharing with him, prompting Conan to come at them, only to be electrocuted by the electric fence. Conan then left, but Kermit didn't realize that he was holding the can upside-down, causing the Blue Monster Blood to fall out. The Blue Monster Blood then formed into a blob-like creature with eyes that seemed quite cute and friendly at first and Kermit wondered if he could test it under a microscope. Then the little creature raced over to a garden and drank it up until it exploded. And to Kermit and the others' shock the creature had multiplied! Kermit attempted to trap them by luring to a puddle of water, only to have them multiply into four blobs. The blobs were much meaner than before but the kids were determined to catch them so Kermit used his butterfly net, only to have one chew through it when he tried to put it in a bucket. The blobs made the battle really difficult by multiplying so much, drinking a lot of water, including the water from Mrs. Majors' garden. Kermit and the others managed to get the blobs into plastic bags and take them away, just as his mother came out to see what the commotion was. Kermit went back to bed, followed by Evan, and Kermit tricked Evan by throwing a wet towel on his back, making him think it was a blob. Evan angrily told Kermit to go back to sleep as they have a lot to do tomorrow.

The next morning, Kermit was awakened by Evan, who reminded him that they have to take care of the blobs. Kermit told Evan that he had hidden them in the bathroom that they never use down the basement, to which his cousin was most horrified at as they have plenty of water to drink in there. Kermit also remembered that it was also where he hid the hair growing formula to Evan's dismay. The two boys opened the bathroom to see a lot of hairy blobs in there, which are really fierce now and they all started heading out the door. Evan told Kermit that if they keep on multiplying, they could outnumber the people in town, drink up the whole water supply and keep on spreading until they drink up the entire country. Kermit felt that it would be his fault as he opened the can. Then he remembered his electric fence and suggested that they shock them to death. So he and Evan herded the blobs outside whilst Andy came over to see what is going on. Unfortunately, Kermit forgot to turn the fence on and tried to turn it on but accidentally shocked Evan again. Then Conan came over and ordered them get these "balloons" out of his yard and one of them of them drank from his coke can and got slime all over him. Conan berated Kermit for this as he thought Kermit invented the evil blobs. Then Kermit's mother came home, so the three kids tried to tell her what happened and get her to help them, but she was too busy with her hot sauce to listen. After she went to answer a call, Evan suggested that they give the hot sauce to the blobs as it is liquid and it is hot. They carried it outside and waited for the blobs to get to it, but Dogface came to the pot and knocked it over. The blobs did get to the hot sauce, but it didn't seem to bother them as much as Dogface. Two blobs jumped onto Dogface, starting a chase throughout the neighborhood to the playground. Kermit and the others managed to get the two blobs off of Dogface (who was all right) and the other creatures started biting and snapping at each other. The creatures then piled on top of Kermit, Andy and Evan and began to smother them, making it seem like the end. But then the blobs' anger toward each other got the better of them and they swallowed each other until there were none of them left. Kermit and the others were about to leave when two police officers confronted them and thought of charging them for littering but then decided to forget about it.

After that, Kermit and the others walked home, reflecting on the horror when Mrs. Majors appeared at the door and demanded to know where her pot of hot sauce was and Kermit told her that Evan ate it up and he loved it, not getting Evan in trouble for once (but Evan was still annoyed with Kermit for telling his mother that). Then a hulking figure appeared, revealing to be a scientist in a white work suit who told the three kids that he was looking for his little blue guys and he heard of the commotion in the playground and that the police told him that Kermit and the others might be able to help. The man introduced himself as Professor Eric Crane and when Evan gave him the can, he explained that the blobs were supposed to be a monster fighting force for underwater combat, a special army of fighters who would get meaner and multiply underwater until they outnumbered the enemy. But they got too mean and it was a bad experiment that didn't work and the professor remarked that he should have been more careful when he threw the can away. He then left, but not before Dogface knocked him over and the can fell into Conan's yard and he asked the kids not to tell the anyone else as it would be embarrassing to him if they did. Then Kermit and Andy noticed Conan taking the can. Evan attempted to warn him but Kermit and Andy told him that Conan having to deal with the blobs was the perfect revenge on him and they will eat each other in the end. Evan agreed to this and he, Andy and Kermit went to lunch. Later Conan called out to Kermit and the others and they went to his yard to find that he had eaten the "blue candy" from last night and that he had multiplied into four and Kermit and the others are then surrounded by them.

General information

Physical appearance

Kermit is eight years old, Caucasian, tiny and skinny with very pale skin, a pile of white-blond hair and round black eyes behind big red plastic-framed glasses. He is said to be resembling a white mouse wearing glasses.


Kermit is known for being a genius. He spends a lot of time in his basement mixing chemicals and he is very creative with them usually trying to make up cures for them or for a little prank (but he doesn't write down what he puts in them) and he thinks that math tests are a lot of fun. Kermit is also quite mischievous and when he was first introduced, he was a sneaky and troublesome little brat, often playing mean jokes on Evan and Andy and getting his cousin into trouble by lying to his mother about him. But his relationship with Evan seems to have improved a little after his accident with the Monster Blood, though he is still getting him into trouble with his mother. Kermit also stands up to Conan a lot more than Evan, usually teasing him and using some of his inventions to teach Conan a lesson, but ends up having Evan being injured by him in the process. Kermit also likes Dogface, but he does get annoyed with him if he doesn't do what he says. But other than that, he considers Dogface a good friend. Kermit takes a lot of pride in his chemistry work and is always ready to cook up whatever he can create.

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  • Kermit's father has never made any appearances in the books.
  • The character named Curtis from the television series episode More Monster Blood has kind of a match to the description of Kermit (except Curtis had brown hair and Kermit's is white-blond) and their names do sound similar. But Kermit is often antagonistic to Evan and Curtis is good friends with him.
  • This character was named after Kermit the Frog.