Kate Welles is the main protagonist of the Goosebumps Most Wanted: Special Edition book, The 12 Screams of Christmas.


Up until one fall, Kate thought she was a normal twelve year old girl. But then in the spring, she went near the cemetery and saw many ghosts rise up from their graves. This really frightened Kate and she told everyone in school all about it, but they didn't believe her. She was then dubbed "Ghost Girl" by Courtney Smith, whom Kate despises because she is always on her case. Pretty soon, Kate started seeing ghosts everywhere she went. She was in denial and she was also determined to continue being a normal girl. But after a while, Kate had to face the frightening truth that she had the ability to see ghosts. But she was still determined to not let anyone think she was weird, which was not easy with Courtney around.


Kate is a girl who has the ability to see ghosts. She was in denial about it at first, but then she could no longer control her special power and she is really frightened with this ability. Unfortunately this earned her the nickname "Ghost Girl" by Courtney. Kate really despises Courtney because of how Courtney treats her, starting arguments with Kate and making her look bad, which really makes Kate mad and she thinks that Courtney is the definition of the word frenemy. But aside from being with Courtney, Kate is a cheerful girl who can be pretty funny and she is often determined to stay being normal. And after her revenge on Courtney, Kate is no longer called "Ghost Girl".


Kate is twelve years old, Caucasian and pretty chubby with dark hair.


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