Joe Burton is the main protagonist of the thirty-forth Goosebumps book, "Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes".


Joe and his best friend Moose have weird dads, they're so competitive, then Mr. Burton brings home two Lawn Gnomes, thinking they'll win the gardening contest for sure. Over the past nights, terrible things happen to Mr. McCalls garden, at first the dog Buster was accused, then Joe was blamed. Joe was determined that it was the two Gnomes due to the evidence he found. Joe and Moose catch the two Gnomes Hap and Chip in the act, Mindy (Joe's sister) gets involved, and they plea for their help, rescue six of their friends from Lawn Lovely, when they arrived, they get attacked by six hundred Lawn Gnomes, Joe remembered that they were scared of dogs, so he blows his dog whistle, and the Gnomes freeze, their weakness were dog whistles, not dogs.


Joe is a nice kid and a good friend to Moose, although he loves to scare his sister Mindy, he loves his dog Buster, and he has a strong sislike to Mr. McCall.


Joe is twelve years old, Caucasian, with brown hair.