Jimmy O'James is a teenage ventriloquist who first appeared in Bride of the Living Dummy. He is a slave of Slappy.


Bride of the Living Dummy

He does a ventriloquist act with Slappy, at this point, he is Slappy's slave, later on in the story, Jillian Zinnman goes to I'm for answers, but Jimmy may have put him to sleep early in the book, because it's revealed that Slappy was brought to life by Mary-Ellen

Slappy's Nightmare

Jimmy finds a dummy, Wally, and tells Slappy that he'll bring him to life and put Slappy to sleep, and thus, Slappy's quest for his life begins.


In the books, Jimmy is Caucasian and is a teenager and dresses like his dummies. In the TV show, he is an older man who has been an experienced professional ventriloquist for many years. 



Television and Film

  • Television series
    • Season 3 - Bride of the Living Dummy


  • Wayne Robson (television series)


  • Jimmy is the first character in the Living Dummy books to appear in more than one of Slappy's stories. He is also the only character to date, not counting Britney Crosby and Molly Molloy appearing in Enter HorrorLand and Ray and Brandon Gordon appearing in The Horror at Chiller House.
  • Jimmy's age is pretty debating. In the book, he is said to be teenager, but at some points, he is referred to as a man and "Mr. O'James". It could be possible that he is in his early twenties. In the television series, he seems to be either in his fifties or sixties.
  • In the television series, Jimmy's name is misspelled as "Jimmie".