Into the Jaws of Doom is the first of the special editions of Give Yourself Goosebumps. It was published in 1998.

The cover art depicts a dinosaur skeleton reaching over an exhibit barrier. The skeleton appears to be that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


You are on a school trip to a museum. Lagging behind the others, you encounter a murderous sentient computer called the Super Computer. Unlike most of the Give Yourself Goosebumps books, this book uses dice during several choices, and the end result explains whether the previous choice "worked" or not. The book is longer than the others, and is divided into sections at times.

List of endings

There are thirty-nine bad endings and only one good ending.

Bad endings

While still in keeping with the usual choices, many endings are caused by either poor dice rolls or incorrect item usage.

  • After throwing a noise bomb, the Visible Man subdues you.
  • You try to dash past the Visible Man, but he grabs you.
  • You are covered with poisonous ants.
  • Your plane doesn't have a landing gear, which will cause your plane to crash while landing.
  • The entire Hall of Incredible Science is an alien experiment. You pass the test, but the aliens still want to eat you.
  • The jet pack flies off without you, and the animatronic arm grabs your neck.
  • The germ keeps expanding until it fills up an entire room. You suspect that the germ may never stop growing, which will cause the entire world to become sick.
  • You try to open a door, but it electrocutes you.
  • You use a stink bomb against the Visible Man, and — while the bomb subdues the Visible Man — you are also suffocated by the bomb.
  • A helicopter crashes into you and decapitates you.
  • You enter the elevator, and it begins to rise. However, it doesn't stop, and it smashes you into the roof.
  • The robot arm grabs you and throws you into a wall.
  • The dinosaur skeleton picks you up and drops you into the tar pits.
  • Your plane malfunctions while you are in the air. Even if this is a simulation, you are unsure if you will live or die.
  • You flow into the electric current of the Tesla coil. While you are trapped in the coil, you are also broadcasted onto millions of televisions.
  • Your braces are attracted to a large magnet. You are pulled onto the magnet, and you are unable to remove yourself.
  • You are unable to avoid the mosquito and it begins draining blood from your leg.
  • You try to hit the mosquito, but it avoids your attack. It begins draining blood from your arm.
  • You run for the door in order to avoid the robot arm. You trip, and the robot arm grabs you.
  • Your helicopter crashes and you are crushed.
  • You try to grab a cable, but it is coated in grease. You slip and fall down the elevator shaft.
  • After the simulator crashes, the door opens. The mosquito flies in and begins draining blood from your chest.
  • Your thrown back by an electric shock, which gives the mosquito ample time to begin draining the blood from your chest.
  • A large amount of water washes you into the sewer.
  • After futilely trying to throw the boomerang, you try defeating the mosquito with your hands. The mosquito attacks you, and the boomerang comes back just in time to hit you in the head before you go unconscious.
  • Multiple small, mechanical dinosaurs attack you at once, and they eat you.
  • You escape the model helicopters that were chasing you, but you dropped your glove in the chase. You touch the door, and you are electrocuted.
  • You try to squash the mosquito in a clap, but it dodges and impales you.
  • You think that the snake will not be able to bite you when you are wearing a glove. *However, the snake bites on the arm slightly above where the glove ends.
  • The giant dinosaur skeleton is approaching you, so you decide to shine your laser on it. *The laser does nothing.
  • You try to make a smoke bomb, but the poisonous chemicals explode in your face.
  • The dragon forces you to rebuild a castle.
  • You can't prevent yourself from being hypnotized by a spiked pendulum, so it kills you
  • You are swarmed by model helicopters. The small choppers lacerate you.
  • You try to use a noise bomb against a snake, but you soon remember snakes cannot hear.
  • The dragon puts you in a dungeon with the intent of keeping you there for a long time.
  • You and the Nature Scouts become lost in the Maze of Mirrors forever.

Good endings

  • You defeat the Super Computer by using the correct Crash Code, while you are in virtual reality. A tiny elf girl, who turns out to be a PDA, explains that the sequel to your favorite movie is being filmed and that you are acting in it. Suddenly, you realize you never read the script and the story ends.



  • With forty different endings, this book has more endings than any other Give Yourself Goosebumps book.
  • A guide to completing this book was included in Checkout Time at the Dead-End Hotel on pages 139 and 140.
  • Several choices are dependent on what items the reader has collected during their adventure, and to make matters worst, picking up an item will often trigger an event that can kill the reader without the correct item, so the reader needs to do things in a specific order.  Some items do nothing, and choosing them can hinder progress as they prevent you from getting all the useful items.
  • One of the later dice related choices determines how fast the reader can run during a chase scene, and the higher the number the slower he or she will be (making it harder to escape).  As an additional challenge, each item the reader still has is added to the dice numbers.
  • Because of how the book is written, certain things will happen differently depending on what order you do things; e.g. if you visit the room with the giant mosquito before you attempt the flight simulation, the mosquito will be around during the simulation.
  • Some of bad endings contain a hint for next time; usually hinting at what item the reader should have used.
  • There is a maze on one floor, but the reader doesn't get to play with it like most Give Yourself Goosebumps books. Instead the majority of that section is dedicated to choosing which direction to turn.
  • It is possible to lose all but one item you have collected so far in the book and never get them back without cheating. To make matters worse, the one item you get to keep has already exceeded its usefulness.
  • On section #221 (because there is sections, not pages), the reader has to find the correct Crash Code by using an abacus correctly.

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