How to Kill a Monster was adapted into an episode of the Goosebumps TV series. The episode aired on Fox Network on February 1, 1997 as the eighteenth episode of Season 2. It was directed by Ron Oliver.


  • Courtney Hawkrigg as Gretchen
  • Ricky Mabe as Clark
  • Helen Hughes as Grandma Rose
  • Peter Boretski as Grandpa Eddie
  • Tim Rykert as Swamp Monster

Differences from the Book

  • The Swamp Monster (performed by Tim Rykert) had a different appearance than it's description in the book.
  • In the television episode, their dog, Charley does not appear.
  • In the television episode, Gretchen and Clark put the ingredients into a gumbo, not a pie. They also grab more ingredients from the cupboards.
  • In the television episode, the monster does not speak at all. Gretchen figures out that the monster is allergic to humans, when Clark thrusts his arm into the monster's mouth.
  • The first letter did not mention to kill the monster. The second letter did not mention that the monster had brothers and sisters; it rather generally stating that there are more of its kind. It also does not state not to go through the swamp; rather, warning not to be near the swamp at night.

Television Episode Trivia


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