"Home Sweet Home" is a short story from Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


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Source: Young Adult Revisited

Sharon is 12 and stuck sharing a room with her seven-year-old sister and her sister's large dollhouse. Alice, the sister, is always complaining about the stuff she does to her dolls like putting one upside down in the sink. One day, Alice asks Sharon to go to a garage sale with her. It's at Mrs. Forster's house, a creepy woman from around town. No one is there, but there is a sign saying to leave money for anything you want to buy. Alice finds a dollhouse lamp that she pays for. Sharon picks up a bowl, sees a big spider, and drops it on the ground. When she sees it shatter, she hops on her bike and takes off. She has a dream that night about the creepy old woman sending a spider after her. Sharon then keeps seeing the same spider all over town until one day she sees it in her room. The spider jumps on her head, says she's small now, and shrinks her. Sharon ends by saying that the dollhouse is actually pretty perfect for her but that she wishes her sister would stop putting her head in the sink.

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