Harry Altman is the main protagonist in the forty-fifth Goosebumps book, Ghost Camp. He is the older brother of Alex Altman.


Harry and his brother, Alex were on their way to Camp Spirit Moon, which they were most excited about. On the way, Harry noticed that Alex was starting to get a little carsick, which always happened whenever he is situated in any vehicle. After a few attempts, Harry managed to get him to take his mind off of it by singing, a beautiful voice that Alex has a lot of pride for. Alex was dismayed that he couldn't go to the music camp, but Harry told him it was too late and that he should try to enjoy Camp Spirit Moon. Soon the bus came to a stop and Harry and Alex saw nothing but pine trees, but the driver told them that it is a real short walk down a dirt path before leaving them. Alex was concerned as he felt the camp should have sent someone to greet them, but Harry told him to stop complaining and get going. And they walked down the path until they found a sign saying Camp Spirit Moon. They had a look around at the camp and they saw that they had many sports activities, including archery, a sport that Harry really likes. But then, Harry and Alex noticed to their shock that there was no one around and that they were completely alone.

General information

Physical appearance

Harry is twelve years old, tall and pretty athletic with straight black hair, dark brown eyes and a serious face.


Harry is a cheerful and very mellow person and he always likes to have fun. He also found ghost stories pretty lame and he never believed in ghosts, until his encounter at Camp Spirit Moon with them. Sometimes he doesn't show any enthusiasm for some things, including funny salutes as he often found it embarrassing to do those. Harry is a little jealous of Alex's beautiful singing voice, but then again, he is good at many sports, so that evens out. There are some of Alex's antics that Harry gets annoyed with and sometimes he just has to be the big brother and order Alex around or else they won't get anywhere. But Harry mostly gets along with Alex and he thinks his brother could probably sing with a band and make a CD. Harry does have a few moments of being worried, but he can be very assuring and always try to be positive.

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