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"Three Shocking Tales of Terror"
―The series' slogan

Goosebumps Triple Header was a Goosebumps series of two books that contained three stories each. Hosted by the three headed monster, Lefty, Righty, and Slim.

Three Shocking Tales of Terror: Book 1

Goosebumps Triple Header - Book 1
Three Shocking Tales of Terror: Book 1 was released in November 1997, and featured a holographic cover. It is 144 pages long.



Synopsis 1: TRIPLE HEADER TRIPLE HEADER IT'S ONE, TWO, THREE TIMES THE SCARES! It's the story of a family about to receive a visit from beyond the grave... It's the story of two alien beings so disgusting it will turn your stomach inside out... It's the story of a game show so deadly you'll never watch television the same way again...

Synopsis 2: Three heads. One body. Three stories. One book. He's the three-headed monster of your nightmares Meet Lefty, Slim, and Righty: the spokesmonster who'll get you scared There's something for every horror taste in this triple-treat of stories including "Ghost Granny", "Spin the Wheel of Horror", and "Teenage Sponge Boys From Outer Space".

Three Shocking Tales of Terror: Book 2


Book 2 was released in May 1999, and is 159 pages long.


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