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"Three Shocking Tales of Terror"
―The series' slogan

Goosebumps Triple Header was a Goosebumps series of two books that contained three stories each. The books were hosted by a three headed monster, Lefty, Righty, and Slim.


The covers for this series were illustrated by Tim Jacobus. The illustration on the first cover was holographic, and the faces would change as the viewer tilted the book. The cover of the second book was almost entirely non-holographic, however, there was one oval of holographic art at the top of the cover. The oval will show a picture of Lefty, Righty, and Slim from one angle and R.L. Stine from another angle.


No. Book Publish date Pages Stories contained

Three Shocking Tales of Terror: Book 1

Goosebumps Triple Header - Book 1
November 1997 144

Three Shocking Tales of Terror: Book 2

May 1999 159

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