The Goosebumps Movie Novel is a movie tie-in book. This book features the story of the movie from Zach's perspective. The book was written by R.L. Stine and was released along side other tie in books like Slappy's Revenge and the Monster Survival Guide.

The cover of the book features Zach, Hannah, R.L. Stine, and Champ holding a manuscript just titled, "Goosebumps" and Slappy, The Giant Praying Mantis, A Lawn Gnome, Abominable Snowman, and a Graveyard Ghoul are behind them.


R.L. Stine explains his excitement for having Jack Black play him in the movie. He also talks about how sometimes he dreams about Slappy and how he'll wake up with him right next to him. Slappy then interrupts Stine and talks about how his plan will soon unfold.

Differences between the book and the movie

There were many differences between the book and the Goosebumps movie:

  • Zach and Champ never jumped the fence.
  • Officer Brooks was a man, not a woman, and he was training. While Officer Stevens was a woman and the serious one.
  • The book does not mention Zach calling Stine pretending to be a cop.
  • The Invisible Boy and The Lawn Gnomes never speak in the book.
  • It's unknown if Officer Stevens and Officer Brooks were frozen by the Body Squeezers.
  • The Gargoyle from I'm Telling! and the ghosts from Ghost Beach appeared in the book.
  • Hannah is not a ghost.
  • When Slappy is trying to claw his way away from the book vortex, Stine steps and crushes his fingers so they could be "even".
  • Slappy's face was never burned in the movie after the explosion of the school bus. In fact, he appeared a few seconds later after the explosion to see the other monsters.
  • Stephen King's pen never appeared in the movie.
  • Champ happens to own every Goosebumps book.
  • The Jock had burped first before making fun of the Monsters.
  • There's a scene where Zach, Hannah, and Champ battled Count Nightwing, Countess Yvonne, and Fifi the Vampire Poodle with garlic mashed potatoes (This wasn't even a deleted scene).
  • In the book, Zach was looking a video were the mayor of New York gave his father a medal. In the movie, he was looking a video were he was playing baseball with his father. Also, when his mom entered to his room, he said he was looking photos of him when he was a baby, and said that he looked like a baby gollum, instead of a baby King Kong like in the book.
  • In the movie, Zach grabbed two boxes from the U-haul with stuff in it. In the book, he grabbed three boxes, and the lower one was full of his boxer shorts.
  • Zach's new hat that Lorraine gave to him was blue, instead of purple.
  • A Graveyard Ghoul pulled the wire that made the bus explode instead of The Werewolf and the Abominable Snowman.
  • There are a few quotes in the book that the characters never said in the film, for example, Slappy tells Stine, "Work with me, and you can live, work against me, and, well...You'll miss all the fun."
  • Slappy talks with a Lawn Gnome after the Body Squeezers freeze Lorraine.
  • They get attacked by the invisible boy before Zach gave Stine the idea in how to stop them.
  • Stine gives Champ a Pepsi instead of an Orange soda.
  • Zach and Hannah never kiss in the book like they did in the film.
  • Slappy knocks a cyclist off the road with The Haunted Car.
  • Lorraine get's frozen by the Body Squeezers before the Graveyard ghoul scene in the book.
  • In the book, the bonfire scene took place before Zach tried to warn the students and staff about the monsters.
  • Zach and Hannah eat out at a sushi restaurant, and they go on long walks together (avoiding the graveyard and the amusement park).
  • Taylor is not in the book.
  • The Mantis had more mucas action.
  • When the car was tipped over by the mantis, the car flipped more than it did in the movie, this obviously didn't happen in the film because this could cause injuries to the actors.
  • Music was playing in the supermarket.
  • The Werewolf ate two pieces of meat.
  • A kiss scene was interrupted twice.
  • The Abominable Snowman attacked as soon it was released, also, it wrecked cars on its way to the ice rink.
  • Zach through a rubber steak instead of a rubber turkey leg.
  • Zach was a bit more of a coward in the book.
  • There's a goth kid named Seth in the book.
  • Zach asks the students in the gym if any of them read Goosebumps books, and the kids one by one began raising their hands.

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  • A possible reason why the book was different from the movie may be because R.L. Stine didn't want to reveal everything, so that there will be some surprises when people saw the movie in theater's.
    • Another reason may be because it's based on a rough draft of the script.
  • When it was first released, both R.L. Stine and Jack Black autographed copies of the book.
  • There are a few deleted scenes in the book, such as 'flirting in the car' and 'fight in the kitchen'.
  • In Brazil, the book is called "Monstros e Arrepios", which translates to "Monsters and Goosebumps".