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Goosebumps Most Wanted was a series of Goosebumps books written by R. L. Stine. It began in 2012, and ended in 2016. The series contained 10 main series books, 4 Special Edition books, and a stand-alone book, Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask.

Like with the previous series, most of the books contain an introductory section. In this series, Stine introduces the main villain of the book in the "Welcome You Are Most Wanted" section. The cover art for the books feature the main villain of that book with a colored background behind them, suggesting that it is some kind of "Wanted Poster" for them. The cover art for the books take on a more detailed and realistic look compared to Goosebumps Hall of Horrors and Goosebumps HorrorLand 's book covers, which had a more cartoony art style.

List of Books

#TitlePublish datePagesSynopsis

Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask


June 2012240

Lu-Ann Franklin usually loves Halloween. Not this year. Her best friend, Devin O'Bannon, is going away for the week. And she has to go to a boring party where nothing exciting could ever happen. But when Lu-Ann comes face-to-face with The Haunted Mask, major trouble lies ahead. Devin O'Bannon didn't want to leave his best friend Lu-Ann Franklin behind on Halloween. He didn't ask to go on this trip. And that was before he heard the strange scratching on his windows and saw the shadows moving around in the fields. Something is out there and it doesn't seem to want Devin around!


Planet of the Lawn Gnomes

Planet of the Lawn Gnomes (Cover)

October 2012160Jay Gardener is a mischievous kid who can't stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, Jay gets in so much trouble, his family is forced to move. But there's something odd about Jay's new town. Why does everyone have lawn gnomes in front of their homes? And why is everyone afraid to go outside at night? Jay is about to learn that mischief can lead to terror.

Son of Slappy

Son of Slappy (Cover)

January 2013160Jackson Stander is a good kid. His parents and teachers all trust him and know that he would never do anything wrong. But after visiting his grandfather's house and meeting Slappy, Jackson is compelled to do evil things. Slappy has almost all control over Jackson, he even starts referring to him as his son because of all the mischief being caused. Jackson must figure out a way to defeat Slappy. However, when he discovers that his sister Rachel appears to be Slappy's daughter, the question of if he will be Slappy's son starts to arise. So the question is, will Jackson really turn-out to be Slappy's son or not?!

How I Met My Monster


April 2013160Kids, listen up. I want you to gather around while I tell you a story you may have never heard before. I’m sure you’ve been curious about this for your whole lives. Well, here it is. This is how I met my monster. I, Noah Bienstock, was a shy, lonely 6th-grader. Then I met Monroe Sternom, the new kid in school. Monroe was assigned the seat next to me in school, and we instantly hit it off. But there were some strange things about my new friend. Sometimes when I looked at Monroe, he appeared to be someTHING else. If I only knew the trouble he would get me into.

Frankenstein's Dog


July 2013160

Kat is reluctant to visit her uncle, Vic Frankenstein, because of all the rumors about him. People in the small town where he lives say he's a mad scientist like his great-grandfather, Victor Frankenstein, who created a monster that came alive and terrorized the town. But Kat is relieved to find that even though he lives in a dark, old castle-like mansion, Uncle Vic is a quiet, gentle man, a scientist interested in building robots with artificial intelligence. Also, Kat loves Poochie, Vic's small, adorable, fluffy white dog, funny and playful. But after an accident occurs in her uncle's lab, strange things begin to happen. Has Kat created a monster? Or is something else responsible for the horror that is unleashed?


Dr. Maniac Will See You Now


September 2013160When a group of comic book characters appear in the real world, twelve-year-old Richard Dreezer, must track down Dr. Maniac to save the day. Straight from the comic book of his worst nightmares, this evil genius will make sure he leave sickers when you arrived. If Richard dose not stop Dr. Maniac, he will destroy everything he loves.

Creature Teacher: The Final Exam


February 2014160It doesn't take long for Tommy to find out he's in big trouble. His whole family is obsessed with winning and he's being sent off to a special camp to help make him into a "winner." When Tommy gets there, he sees that something isn't right. All of the kids are so competitive. It's almost like their lives depend on it. Can Tommy survive The Final Exam?

A Nightmare on Clown Street


February 2015160Ray Gordon really likes the circus. His uncle, Theo is a performer in Koko's Klown Academy and he invites Ray to come join him for the summer. At first, Ray's parents are reluctant-they know their son has a habit of getting himself into strange situations. But Ray manages to convince them that he'll be on his best behavior. The circus itself is very cool. The clowns stay in their makeup all day and only go by their clown names. Ray becomes a clown-in-training named Mr. Belly-Bounce. But the longer he's there, the scarier things become. Their are whisperings about a place called Clown Street and nobody, including Murder the Clown, wants to go there. Will Ray be able to survive the dark secrets of the circus?

Night of the Puppet People

Night of the Puppet People

September 2015160Ben and Jenny Renfro are terrified of puppets and they don't know why. It's just been a fear that the twins have shared for as long as they can remember. Yes, they are creeped out by all kinds of puppets, but especially marionettes. Something about all of those wires is extra scary. The twins are determined to defeat their class rivals by winning their school's talent contest. And that means doing whatever it takes. Even if they have to surround themselves by the thing they hate most--puppets! But there is more to these guys than just string and glue. Something evil is hanging around. Will Ben and Jenny be able to take control?

Here Comes the Shaggedy

Here Comes the Shaggedy

February 2016160Kelli and Shawn Anderson are not excited about having to move to another state - especially because their new home is directly next to a giant swamp. But their dad is a scientist and he's going down there to study the local flora and fauna. Unfortunately for Kelli and Shawn, there seem to be some very strange creatures that live around their house. They keep hearing about the legend of the Shaggedy (Swamp Monster), an ancient beast that lives far below the surface of the swamp and can cause a whole lot of damage. Can Kelli and Shawn convince their dad to move back home before it is too late?

The Lizard of Oz

The Lizard of Oz (Cover)

September 2016160Kate Orton loves animals, especially unusual ones. So when she sees a pop-up ad on her computer for an amazing lizard from Australia, she has to have it. The ad says the lizard is actually a kind of chameleon - it can change its color to blend in with its surroundings. But what makes this lizard really strange is that it's a copycat - the ad says it can even change its shape. Kate's parents don't believe all the claims in the ad, but they tell her to go ahead and order it. They tell her not to be disappointed if it's just a plain old lizard. After anxiously checking the mail every day for two weeks, the package finally arrives. But when Kate finally opens it, there's no lizard inside. There's only an egg with a written warning. Is Kate ready for what is about to hatch?

Goosebumps Most Wanted: Special Edition

Goosebumps Most Wanted: Special Edition is a side series of Goosebumps Most Wanted. The special edition books slightly differ from the normal editions. They are roughly 30 pages longer, are separated in to three different stories, and the cover art for each book features a mysterious house in the background.

#TitlePublish datePagesSynopsis

Zombie Halloween


June 2014192Kenny Manzetti was the new kid in town. His family moved back in to an old house to help take care of his grandfather. Everyone in his new neighborhood is obsessed with zombies--even Grandpa Mo. But then a new family moves in next door and their choice in furniture is...interesting. Kenny is convinced that there is something strange about the new neighbors, but his parents won't listen to him. So Kenny and his friends go in for a closer look. A bad idea on any day, but definitely the wrong choice around Halloween. Will Kenny survive long enough to go trick or treating?

The 12 Screams of Christmas

61L9VsPHNuL. SY344 BO1,204,203,200

September 2014192The infamous, Most Wanted Goosebumps characters are out on the loose and after you. For the second time ever, it's a Goosebumps Christmas! Kate Welles doesn't want to be special. She just wants to play the lead in her school's Christmas play. Her annoying "friend" Courtney is constantly getting in the way of that. Can you even call someone a "friend" if all they do is make fun of you and ruin everything all of the time? But Kate has to get along with Courtney or else neither of them will be allowed to take part in The 12 Screams of Christmas.

Trick or Trap

Trick or Trap

July 2015192It's Halloween and that means time for trick-or-treating. And scary parties. But this year, things are taking a turn for the terrifying. Scott Harmon and Amanda Gold throw a party at an old haunted house. There won't be any treats, only traps. Traps for a few bullies that are always bugging them at school. What could possibly go wrong? How about a Haunted House with a mind of its own? A house that would rather play its own tricks and set its own traps...

The Haunter


July 2016192Sammy Baker is a quiet kid who wishes he wasn't so shy and timid. He is easily frightened, but eager to prove he can be brave. On Halloween night, he and his friends visit Marple House, an abandoned mansion that is rumored to be haunted.

Villains Most Wanted


Special Edition

  • Franklin Village Zombies
  • The Marcus Family
  • Lillian, the Haunted House Spirit
  • The Haunter

Other Villains

Children in the Series


  • There were several characters on the back cover of Wanted: The Haunted Mask making comments on its story. One of them was a character called The Invisible Man, who ended up not making the cast in Goosebumps Most Wanted for some reason. It is unknown if The Invisible Man was Brent Green making a returning appearance or a new character introduced in the series.
  • Murder the Clown (Uncle Theo) is the only character that is first introduced in this series to appear in the Goosebumps film.


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