From 1996 - 1998, episodes from the Goosebumps TV series were released on VHS by 20th Century Fox. With the exception of Bride of the Living Dummy, all VHS releases contained one two-part episodes from seasons one to three.

Title Release date Episodes contained

The Haunted Mask


March 12, 1996 "The Haunted Mask"

(Part 1 & 2)

Stay Out of the Basement


September 3, 1996 "Stay Out of the Basement"

(Part 1 & 2)

A Night in Terror Tower


September 3, 1996 "A Night in Terror Tower"

(Part 1 & 2)

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp


March 25, 1997 "The Werewolf of Fever Swamp"

(Part 1 & 2)

The Haunted Mask II


July 29, 1997 "The Haunted Mask II"

(Part 1 & 2)

Welcome to Dead House


July 29, 1997 "Welcome to Dead House"

(Part 1 & 2)

Night of the Living Dummy III


January 13, 1998 "Night of the Living Dummy III"

(Part 1 & 2)

Bride of the Living Dummy


September 15, 1998 "Bride of the Living Dummy"

"An Old Story"

One Day at HorrorLand


September 15, 1998 "One Day at HorrorLand"

(Part 1 & 2)

Werewolf Skin


September 15, 1998 "Werewolf Skin"

(Part 1 & 2)

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