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Gabe Sabry is the main protagonist of The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb and its sequel, Return of the Mummy.


The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb

Gabe and his family were spending their Christmas vacation in Egypt and were having a view of the Great Pyramid. Gabe got really thirsty and tried to get his mother's attention about it, only to have her scold him that they came to see the pyramids. And his father was too busy looking in a guidebook and he quizzed Gabe about the pyramids. Mr. Sabry told his son that it gives a funny feeling to think that their ancestors - his and Gabe's - may have walked around the pyramids or even helped to build them, to which Gabe agreed with. Mr. Sabry then wondered if Gabe's uncle was down inside the pyramid, Ben Hassad, the famous archeologist who was another one of the reasons that they came to Egypt, along with the fact that Gabe's parents had some refrigeration equipment business to do in Cairo and Alexandria and other places. Gabe was really excited to see his uncle and asked if they could see him in the pyramid and that Ben can take them inside, to which his father replied that he doesn't think is allowed and they will just have to appreciate the pyramids from the outside, to which Gabe was most disappointed at.

After that and a big drink that he was craving for, Gabe and his parents were in their hotel room when Mr. and Mrs. Sabry received a phone call and announced to Gabe that they have to go see an important customer first thing in the morning in Alexandria (where they were not supposed to go to until the end of the week). Gabe was really dismayed at this as he really wanted to see Uncle Ben and after a brief argument, Mrs. Sabry made a call and told Gabe that she has talked with Ben and he will come and take care of him while his parents were in Alexandria and gave Gabe a choice of going with them or staying with Ben. Gabe chose to stay with his uncle and was happy with his decision for a moment until his mother mentioned that Gabe's cousin, Sari, who is Ben's daughter is staying with him too. Gabe was agitated at this as his cousin is really competitive and stuck-up and Gabe thinks she only likes him because she beats him at everything. But he decided to stay with them anyway, in spite that Sari fights with him. Mrs. Sabry told her son that Ben will arrive in an hour and asked Gabe if he didn't mind being alone for an hour, to which Gabe replied that it won't be a problem even though he was uneasy about it. His mother then told him to stay in the room and wait for Ben and she and Mr. Sabry left after a few more final instructions to Gabe.

Gabe waited for quite a while for his uncle and cousin to arrive and it took so long that Gabe got worried and started to have frightening thoughts about them, though he knew it was dumb. Gabe then looked at the little mummy hand that he used for a good luck charm known as "The Summoner" and remembered how he had bought it at a garage sale a few years ago and the kid who sold it to him said that it was used to summon evil spirits, to which Gabe didn't care about and thought it was an outstanding bargain for two dollars and thought that maybe it might even be real. Gabe waited for Uncle Ben and Sari for a while longer and was beginning to think that he should have gone with his parents, when the hotel room door opened and to Gabe's horror, a mummy started staggering in the room! But then Gabe looked at the mummy's eyes, revealing to be Uncle Ben and he and Sari were playing a joke to Gabe's anger. Ben admitted that he got a little carried away with the joke and it was because he was so excited about what was going on in the pyramid and Sari explained to Gabe that Ben has discovered a whole new burial chamber and is exploring parts of the pyramid that have been undiscovered for thousands of years. Ben also mentioned that he had to take the two kids with him as he didn't know what else to do with them, to which Gabe was most excited about and asked if they will be seeing a mummy or two and if there are any treasures, to which Ben replied that they will discuss it at dinner. At dinner, Ben explained that the pyramid was built around 2500 B.C., during the reign of Prince Khufu and it was built as a royal burial place and the Pharaoh made it really enormous so that the burial chamber could be hidden as they worry about grave robbers. They knew that people would try to break in and take all of the valuable jewels and treasures that were buried alongside their owners, so they built dozens of tunnels and chambers inside, a confusing maze to keep robbers from finding the real burial room. Ben then explained to Gabe that he and other archeologists have thought they had uncovered all of the tunnels and rooms inside the pyramid until a few days ago, he and his workers discovered a tunnel that isn't on any of the charts and they think this tunnel may lead them to the actual burial chamber of Khufu. Gabe thought that that was outstanding and he even had a correct answer for one of his uncle's jokes about the pyramid and was delighted to know that Sari didn't know it. He then asked Ben if he and Sari will be there when he discovers it to which Ben replied that he doesn't know but Gabe can tell his friends that he was actually inside the ancient pyramid of Khufu. Sari then boasted to Gabe that she has been inside it already and it is dark and told Gabe that he might get scared to which he replied that he will not be.

The next morning, Ben woke Gabe and Sari up early and they drove out to the pyramid outside Al-Jizah. The soon arrived at the Great Pyramid and Gabe was really excited to go inside, when Sari pointed that his sneaker was untied (Gabe's sneaker was always untied even when he double-knotted it). Ben warned the two kids to stick close and not to wander off as the tunnels really are like a maze and it is easy to get lost, to which Sari replied that she will keep an eye on Gabe, to his annoyance. Ben then asked Gabe if he believed in Egyptian curses (to which Gabe shook his head at) as one of his workers claimed that he and his other workers have violated an ancient decree by entering the new tunnel and that they have activated some curse. Seconds later, they stepped into the small square opening cut into the stone and as they walked along through it, Ben explained all the tunnels were made of limestone. Sari then told Gabe that he can go back if he was scared, to which Gabe replied that he was fine. Soon they came to a dark hole on the floor, where Ben's worker's have installed a rope ladder due to no stairway. Ben went down first and called to Gabe that he was next and seeing that Sari was nervous, Gabe gladly took advantage. That backfired on Gabe as the rope was coarse and he would have fallen if Sari had not caught him. Gabe angrily wished that he was the one that saved her life and he was the big hero. As they walked on, Sari explained to Gabe that she and Ben have explored one of the side tunnels and found a beautiful mummy case inside a tiny room that was in perfect condition, to which Gabe was most intrigued to know if there was a mummy inside as he had stared and studied one in a museum all his life and then Uncle Ben told a lame mummy joke, to which Sari told Gabe not to encourage him with as a lot of the jokes are lame. Soon they reached Ben's work site in a large chamber with a high ceiling. There, Ben introduced Gabe to his workers, including an Egyptian worker named Ahmed, whom Ben explained to Gabe that he is from the university and requested permission to observe them and mentioned that Ahmed is the one warning him about the curses. As Ben and his workers were doing their work, Sari suggested to Gabe that they go exploring the tunnels, to which Gabe was uneasy at as Ben told them to stick together but eventually gave in when Sari called him a chicken. As they walked along, Sari told Gabe that one of the tunnels she had explored has a strange animal picture on the wall resembling a cat, making Gabe very excited. But as they went further in the tunnel, Gabe's shoelace came untied again, causing Sari to walk on ahead of him. Gabe called to her to wait up and then remembered a time when she and Ben came to visit that he took to a house in his neighborhood that was said to be haunted and he and Sari somehow got separated and Gabe got really scared and worried when he could not find her and went home and tearfully told his parents that he lost Sari in the old house. But Sari was in the dining room the whole time, perfectly safe. Gabe thought this what Sari was doing to him at first, but then thought that something might have happened to her. Gabe searched around for her when he stumbled upon a mummy case in a small square room. Gabe was excited to see the mummy case and was thinking of opening it see inside when the lid opened and Gabe looked inside to see two eyes staring at him, resulting in him screaming. The figure in the case turned out to be Sari, who was enjoying the thrill of her joke, which Gabe was most furious with. Then Uncle Ben appeared, also angry that the two kids have wandered off and scolded them about wandering off and that they could get lost in the tunnels. Gabe felt bad that he fell for Sari's stupid joke and made his favorite uncle really angry and it got worse for him when Sari told her father about her trick, making Gabe feel even more bad.

The next morning, Uncle Ben had an appointment at the Cairo Museum and told Gabe and Sari that they could wander around the museum while he had his meeting and mentioned to Gabe that they have a interesting collection of mummies there. Gabe asked his uncle when his parents are coming back when Ben received a call saying that two of his workers had come down with a mysterious illness and he had to go see them, telling the two kids to stay in the hotel, which Gabe and Sari were glum about. Sari decided to go out anyway, to Gabe was disagreeable at first but then agreed and suggested that they go to the museum. Gabe was also determined not to be the wimp anymore and have no repeats of yesterday. Sari grudgingly agreed to the museum and Gabe wrote a note to Uncle Ben and they set off to the museum and Sari asked Gabe if he was up for it, to which he asked what could go wrong.

Gabe and Sari walked through the street that didn't look like back home to Gabe to the museum and there, they climbed up a stairway that felt like mountain climbing to Gabe and found the mummy room. Gabe remarked that they did a great wrapping job and remembered how he was a mummy the Halloween before last and his costume completely unraveled after ten minutes. Then Gabe started to gross Sari out by telling her about some gruesome information he learned about mummies and was pleased to know that Sari didn't know it and was delighted to know that she had a squeamish bone in her body. Gabe was sharing as much terrible information as he could to make his cousin sick when Sari noticed Ben's worker, Ahmed standing just in front of a display case. At first Gabe wanted to say hi, but then noticed on Ahmed's face that he was coming to get them, so he and Sari raced through the museum with Ahmed in pursuit until he had them cornered at a solid granite wall. Ahmed told the two kids that he had a message from Ben and demanded to know why they ran away, to which they apologetically replied that they were not thinking clearly. Ahmed told the kids that Ben is waiting for them at the hotel, so Gabe and Sari followed him out of the museum, believing he saw Gabe's note. As they left the museum, Ahmed said that his car is just nearby, to which Gabe replied that the hotel is only two blocks and Ahmed did not have to drive them back. But Ahmed insisted that it is no trouble for him. They walked to Ahmed's car on the next block and as they drove along, Gabe and Sari noticed that Ahmed is driving in the wrong direction. They told him he was going the wrong way, but Ahmed replied that he knew where he was going. Gabe and Sari realized that Ahmed was kidnapping them so Gabe fiddled with his seat belt, pretending to fasten it and signaled to Sari to jump out next time Ahmed stops. Ahmed eventually stopped, prompting Gabe and Sari to jump out of his car immediately and race through the town the town to lose but both of them got lost in the process. Sari was really upset about this, prompting Gabe to take advantage of being the brave one for a change and suggested that they ask someone for directions to the hotel. So Gabe asked a taxi driver to take them to the hotel and the driver laughed and pointed out that it was just in front of them. Gabe and Sari then raced back to the hotel, determined to tell Ben about Ahmed.

But Gabe and Sari found the room empty when they returned, meaning that Ahmed had lied. Ben then came in, saying that his two workers that were unwell were in a state of shock, both of them speechless and he thought that something had scared them speechless. Gabe and Sari told him what had happened and how Ahmed had tried to kidnap them, to which Ben was most confused about. He announced that he has to go back to the pyramid to find out what had frightened his workers and told Gabe and Sari to stay in the hotel, but they insisted on going with him, fearing that Ahmed will be back. Uncle Ben agreed, but only if they stayed close to him. So later on, Gabe, Sari and Ben drove back to the pyramid, with Gabe having a more dreading feeling than when he first saw it. There, Uncle Ben gave him and Sari a beeper to contact him if they got lost and Gabe made sure that he had The Summoner with him.

In the pyramid, Gabe was following his uncle and cousin when he noticed that his sneaker was untied again. Gabe called out to Ben and Sari to wait for him, but they were too busy arguing to hear him. Gabe lost them and became angry because he thought they were playing another trick on him, but then he remembered that his uncle was too serious to play any jokes today and decided not to push his beeper, thinking it will give Sari a chance to tease him. So Gabe struggled to find his cousin in the tunnel and after a while he decided to forget his pride and push his beeper. But before he could do so, the ancient floor collapsed underneath him and Gabe fell into a room, where Gabe found a mummy! Gabe managed to calm down and saw that the room was crammed with mummies to his amazement and even more amazing was an array of mummy-making tools and an ancient tar pit. Gabe was astounded that he had made an incredible discovery and decided to push his beeper to call his uncle to see them, only to find that he fell on top of it and broke it when the floor collapsed. Seeing he was unable to use his beeper, Gabe tried calling for help, hoping that someone will hear him and come to his aid. Gabe went back to the hole that he had fallen through and encountered a colony of scorpions there. Gabe struggled to avoid them and was almost about to plunge right into the middle of them when Sari came and grabbed him from behind. Sari remarked at how gross the scorpions looked and told Gabe that she was searching for him and that she and her father got separated when he started talking to a worker without her realizing it. She then scolded Gabe for getting lost, to which he replied that he called to them and they just disappeared. Gabe showed Sari the room crammed with mummies and was unable to hide his excitement that he had discovered it all and added that he wouldn't have found if he didn't stop to tie his sneaker. Gabe urged Sari to press her beeper so that Ben could see it, in which she did and after a while, they heard footsteps coming down the tunnel. At first Gabe and Sari thought it was Ben, but then it turned out to be Ahmed, who was astonished to find the two kids in the room. Ahmed told them that he had tried to warn Ben about the curse and screamed that he should take it seriously (Ben never took any story of a curse seriously). Ahmed told Gabe and Sari that the curse must be carried out as they have violated his ancestor, Priestess Khala's chamber and explained to the confused kids that they are in the sacred Preparation Chamber of The Priestess and they have violated it. Ahmed remarked that Ben is a smart man but not smart enough to heed Ahmed's warnings and Ahmed revealed that he frightened the two workers by demonstrating what it might feel like to be boiled alive (which the workers did not like) to show Ben that the curse is alive and told Gabe and Sari that The Priestess cursed all who would violate her chamber. Ahmed told the two kids that it was decreed by Khala that this sacred chamber would not be violated and since that time, descendants of Khala have made sure that her command is obeyed and it has come to Ahmed to make sure that the curse is carried so he volunteered to work for Ben to make sure that Khala's sacred sanctuary was not violated and when Ben would not heed his warnings he had to take action by frightening the two workers and take Gabe and Sari away to hide them until Ben agreed to stop his work. Ahmed told Gabe and Sari that he has no choice but to keep the ancient promise to Khala, revealing that some of the mummies were actually modern people and Ahmed had made some of them himself, which Gabe and Sari were most horrified at. Ahmed started advancing on Gabe and Sari when Ben entered and the two kids told him what Ahmed was trying to do. Ben attempted to reason with Ahmed, but Ahmed refused and knocked Ben out with a torch. Gabe had no idea what to do from there because being a kid, he knew it would be crazy to fight an adult with a knife and a torch. After lighting the tar pit, Ahmed forced Gabe and Sari to go into a mummy case. Gabe attempted to stand his ground, but was so scared that he inadvertently told Ahmed that he is just a kid, to which the Egyptian replied that many pharaohs were his age at death. In the case, Sari admitted to Gabe that she was frightened, which made Gabe snigger. The two waited miserably for something to happen, with Sari berating Gabe for telling her the gruesome information that might be happening to her, to which Gabe apologized for. Gabe attempted to come up with a way to escape but to no avail. Then he and Sari heard something inside the case with them, revealing to be Ben, who explained to the two kids that Ahmed had forgotten about the escape hatches that the Egyptians built for the corpse's soul to be able to leave. So the three of them got out of the case and attempted to escape but Ahmed came back before they could do so and angrily told them that they cannot escape. Ahmed told them that instead of joining the other violators they will die in the tar pit one by one. Ben tried again with reasoning with Ahmed but to no avail and they were forced to the tar pit. Before anyone could go in, Gabe remembered The Summoner and the legend behind it so he took it out, hoping it will attract Ahmed's attention. It did and Ahmed cried out that it is the hand of the Priestess. Then several mummies came alive to Gabe, Sari, Ben and Ahmed's horror and they all advanced on Ahmed and one that he attempted to burn grabbed him and they carried him to the steaming tar, to which Gabe shut his eyes at. And when Gabe opened his eyes, Ahmed was fleeing to the tunnel shrieking in terror as he ran and the mummies were all back in their places. All three were relieved that they were all right and Sari remarked to Gabe that he had saved their lives and Ben thanked him for the helping hand.

Back at the hotel, Ben remarked to Gabe that he had no idea how special The Summoner was and thought that it was just a reproduction and warned Gabe that he better not play with it. Gabe told him that it is his good luck charm, to which Sari appreciatively replied that he can say that again. The next morning at breakfast, Gabe tried to trick Sari by pretending to summon spirits with The Summoner, to which Sari told him to stop and Gabe asked her if she was chicken. Then all three of them were startled by a loud knock at the door. It was revealed to be Mr. and Mrs. Sabry and Gabe was most happy to see his parents.

Return of the Mummy

Gabe was returning to Egypt for the summer as Uncle Ben has recently discovered an ancient sacred tomb and has invited Gabe to be with him when he opens it up, to which Gabe was most excited about and he remembered that Sari was going to be there too. Gabe had a pleasant flight towards Egypt, mainly because of a kind stewardess named Nancy, who kept checking up on him but treated Gabe like a grown-up since it was his first time flying by himself and she even gave him extra bags of peanuts, even though she was not supposed to. Gabe gazed out the window at Egypt, remembering his adventures last time he was there, including how The Summoner saved his, Sari and Ben's lives. No one believed Gabe when he told them his incredible story, but ever since the adventure, Gabe refused go anywhere, especially not to Egypt without it. Just as his plane was about to land in Egypt, Gabe reached for the hand in his pocket and found that it had become as cold as ice, to which Gabe was most surprised at and was wondering if it was a warning that he was heading to danger but then realized that he didn't have time to think about it.

After saying good-bye and thanking Nancy for the peanuts, Gabe looked around for Uncle Ben and Sari, which was not easy in such a crowded place. He was just starting to get really worried when he noticed a man in a burnoose calling out for a taxi in English. Thinking it was Uncle Ben in disguise, Gabe rushed over and hugged him and then pulled off his hood, only to find that it was a total stranger. Uncle Ben then called out to Gabe from the reservations counter where he and Sari were waiting. Gabe apologized to the man and hurried over to them, feeling very embarrassed about his mistake, especially in front of Sari, who was laughing at him about it. Gabe saw that Sari had not changed a bit as she boasted that she got to fly in first class in her own flight and she had already been in the pyramid they are currently working at and how it is twice as big the one that Gabe was in last time he was there. Gabe's suitcase then appeared on the conveyor belt, and when Gabe struggled to lift it, Sari lifted the heavy case just to show off.

After that, Ben drove Gabe and Sari to their luxury suite that was near the pyramids and he told Gabe and Sari that it is comfortable, but the room service is lousy. Gabe thought the huge pyramid looked amazing and Uncle Ben promised that he was going to take him and Sari down to the tomb and told Gabe that he had come at the right time as at long last, they were about to break the seal and enter the tomb itself. Ben then told Gabe that he had a present for him, but before he could hand it to him, a mummy appeared right behind him, frightening Gabe and Sari. But it turned out to be a commercial actor named John, who was helping out with a joke that Ben had set up for the kids. Gabe was annoyed at this and even more annoyed when Sari told them how scared Gabe was, even though she was as scared as he was. When that was over, Ben gave Gabe his present, which was an amber pendant with a beetle called a scarab inside it. Ben explained to Gabe that the scarab was trapped in the amber four thousand years ago and they were very important to the ancient Egyptians as they believed that scarabs were a symbol of immortality and to keep a scarab meant immortality, but the bite of a scarab meant instant death. Ben urged Gabe to wear it around his neck, as the pendant might still have some of its ancient powers and Gabe thought it was a great present. Then Sari pointed out to Gabe that the scarab has escaped and Gabe was looking around for it when he felt a sharp pain on the back of his leg and got frightened, thinking the scarab had bitten him. But it turned out that Sari was playing a trick on him and she had pinched his leg, to which Gabe was furious (mainly with himself) at. He wanted to hit Sari and say something really nasty to her, but couldn't think of anything nasty enough. Later that night, Gabe was in his narrow cot (which he was not used to) at full alert and was struggling to get comfortable and was thinking that he may never sleep again. As he was lying in the cot, Gabe felt something wriggle against his chest. Seeing it was not a joke this time, Gabe pulled out the pendant and asked the beetle inside if it moved, but then put the pendant back under his shirt, feeling very foolish and annoyed with himself for talking to a two-thousand-year-old beetle.

The next morning at breakfast, Gabe asked Ben about his discovery and his uncle explained that the tomb they have discovered belonged to a prince, who is the cousin of King Tutankhamen. Ben told Gabe that King Tut's tomb was discovered in 1922 and the vast burial chamber was filled with most of Tut's treasures and it was the most archaeological discovery of the century until now. Ben believed that they have found the burial chamber of Prince Khor-Ru, who was the king's cousin and was said to be as wealthy as the king. Ben had his fingers crossed that this is what they found, but mentioned that it could be an empty room, due to the possibility of grave robbers as Prince Khor-Ru was buried sometime around 1300 B.C. But Gabe was really confident that they will find the prince's mummy and millions of dollars' worth of jewels. As Ben spoke to some of his workers, Sari apologized to Gabe for being such a pain and told him that she was worried about her father because of how happy and excited he was and that he is counting on this expedition and he will be heartbroken and disappointed if they just found an empty room. Gabe attempted to make her look on the positive side when Ben came over and told them to get ready to climb down a narrow hole, which Gabe was nervous about and told the two kids to stay together (remembering past incidents). Ben was about to go down first when a beautiful woman with long, sleek and shiny black hair shouted at him to stop. The woman apologized for shouting and introduced herself as Nila Rahmad and said that she was a reporter for the Cairo Sun, here to write a report of their work, which Ben was not ready for yet, to which Nila replied that she had spoken to Dr. Fielding a few days ago and he gave her permission to write about their discovery. Ben told her that Dr. Fielding gets excited and talks too much, but he agreed to let Nila come as an observer, but not before introducing her to Gabe and Sari. Nila asked them if they had been in the pyramid and then noticed that she and Gabe have the same kind of pendants, only hers didn't have a scarab in it, which was very unusual.

Later, Ben lead Gabe and the others through the dark tunnel, telling Nila about King Tut and Prince Khor-Ru. On the way, Sari told Gabe about Dr. Omar Fielding, who is Ben's partner but neither Ben or Sari like him and Sari told Gabe that he will probably meet him sometime later. After he was fooled by what he thought was ancient drawing, Gabe somehow got lost the others in the tunnel. He called out to them but he had no reply so he decided to wait where he was for them. When Gabe leaned against the tunnel wall, it suddenly gave way and he fell through it in total darkness. Gabe tried calling for help in the dark room he fell in, but once again he had no reply. Then Gabe felt something crawl all over his body and saw that there were some spiders in the room too. Gabe was frantically batting them away when a snake slid down towards his face. But it turned out to be a rope that Uncle Ben had lowered for him, so Gabe climbed up the rope to safety and told them that the wall gave way. Ben remarked that it is a long fall and explained that there must be hundreds of chambers and the pyramid builders made a maze of tunnels and chambers to fool tomb robbers and keep them from finding the real tomb. Ben asked Gabe if he was all right and Gabe realized that he must have fallen on The Summoner, but was relieved to find that it was all right. Nila asked Gabe if that really was The Summoner and Gabe told her that it has real powers. Then Gabe noticed the tiny fingers slowly curling in and out, which surprised him. Then they left the tunnel for the day, with Gabe wondering if the hand was trying to warn him about something.

Gabe and Sari spent the next two days hanging around the tent or exploring the area outside the pyramid, while Ben spoke to people that Gabe did not recognize and hardly said a word to them. Gabe, Sari and Ben woke up one morning feeling very excited as Ben announced that today is the day and perhaps they will be making history and it will be a day that they will want to remember for the rest of their lives. Gabe and Sari were most excited and Gabe was even more excited to see Prince Khor-Ru, which Sari scolded him about and said that most kids get over their fascination with mummies by the time they are eight or nine but Gabe shut her up by telling her that Uncle Ben didn't. Soon they (along with Nila) followed Ben through the tunnels and eventually caught up to four workers at an awesome-looking ancient door with strange hieroglyphics covering it from top to bottom and a lion's head that was sculpted in gold which was used to scare intruders away. So with Nila finally recording, Ben started to chisel away at the tomb, with Gabe and everyone else eagerly watching when a booming voice yelled out "LET ME REST IN PEACE". Gabe and the others realized that the voice was coming from behind them and saw that it was Dr. Fielding, who told Ben that those are the words of Prince Khor-Ru that were written on the ancient stone they had found last month and if anyone should repeat the words written on the tomb five times, the prince will come to life and have his revenge on the one that disturbs him, to which Gabe's uncle replied that he cannot let superstition get in the way. This created an argument for a moment, to which Ben eventually won, prompting Dr. Fielding to leave in disgust. Ben remarked to Gabe and the others that Dr. Fielding does not really care about the old superstitions as he wants to steal the discovery for himself, which Gabe was most startled to hear as he thought that scientists have rules about who took credit for what discovery. As Ben continued to open the seal, Sari told Gabe that Ben will let him leave if he was scared, to which Gabe firmly replied that he was staying and realized that he was lucky to be one of two kids present at the breaking of Khor-Ru's seal and couldn't wait to tell his friends about it. Ben eventually managed to get the door open, but it was revealed to be an empty chamber behind the seal, which Gabe was disappointed with until Ben called out that they have another seal to remove, telling everyone that Egyptians often built several false chambers to hide the real chamber from grave robbers and that they find several empty chambers before they find Khor-Ru's resting place. Nila remarked to Gabe that he looked so disappointed for a moment there. His uncle and some workers started to work on the second seal, which took longer to open this time. They finally managed to get it open eventually and this time they really had opened the seal to the Prince's tomb. Gabe, Sari, Ben and everyone that was present were most happy at the discovery and were surprised to see that some of the treasures were still in good condition. Gabe, Sari, Ben and Nila then went over to the tomb and saw Prince Khor-Ru himself Gabe was astounded at how small he was when he died and wondered if Khor-Ru ever dreamed that four thousand years later, people would open his coffin and stare at him. Then his uncle was just about to make a speech of the discovery when to everyone's surprise, several police officers entered the chamber, led by Dr. Fielding, who explained that it might be best to protect the contents of this room and praised everyone for the discovery. He apologized to Gabe's uncle for trying to stop him and that he should have known better and suggested that they can have a celebration.

Back at the tent, Ben told Gabe and Sari that Dr. Fielding had hurried to phone Cairo to tell their backers the good news, muttering that he doesn't trust him and that he is keeping an eye on him. Later at the celebration dinner, Sari had more things boast with Gabe about like being notably taller than him and how she can eat two hamburgers while he can only eat one. Gabe really got fed up with Sari's bragging and found himself trying to think of a way to get back at her. He also noticed that Nila was smiling at his uncle and always kind of teasing him and started to think that Ben probably liked her. Sari and Nila then asked her father if he knew the words that Dr. Fielding was talking about to bring the mummy to life and Ben said the words: Teki Kahru Teki Kahra Teki Kahri. Ben told them they have to chant the words five times for the mummy to come alive. This gave Gabe a plan to scare Sari, so he memorized the words to be ready for it. After Ben and Nila went off to do some work, Gabe and Sari talked about how Nila was teasing Ben and Ben might be liking her. At the tent Gabe asked Sari if she dared him to recite the words to which Sari told him to give a try and Gabe saw that Sari was scared and trying hard not to show it. Gabe said the words four times and was starting to hesitate as not only was he scaring Sari but himself as well. But Gabe said the words the fifth time anyway as he felt it was too late to chicken out and then a tall dark shadow appeared outside the tent and asked if they were in there in a whisper. At first Gabe and Sari thought it was the mummy, but it turned out to be Dr. Fielding, who was looking for Ben. After Sari directed him to the communications tent, Gabe suggested to follow to see why he wanted to see Ben. So Gabe and Sari went near the tent and because it was so dark, it was hard to tell what the two men were doing and they couldn't make out their words. But Gabe and Sari thought that Dr. Fielding was forcing Ben to come with him into the pyramid. The two kids decided to wait outside for them, with Sari wondering if her father was in any trouble, to which Gabe assured her that Ben is all right and Dr. Fielding wouldn't do any harm to him. But then after a while, it was only Dr. Fielding that came out. Sari asked where her father was, but Dr. Fielding ignored her, so thinking he did something to Ben, Sari told Gabe they have to find him, to which Gabe hesitantly agreed to.

After Gabe grabbed two torches, they ventured down into the tunnel calling for Ben but with no answer. They eventually reached Prince Khor-Ru's burial chamber and there they noticed that the coffin lid was closed and they knew it was open when they last left the chamber. Gabe and Sari opened the lid together and found Ben lying in it unconscious. Sari was outraged that Dr. Fielding left her father to smother and Gabe suggested that they should call the police, but then to his horror he realized that Ben was in the mummy's place and wondered where the mummy was. Then Prince Khor-Ru staggered stiffly in the room and started advancing on the two kids. Gabe blamed himself for saying the words five times and attempted to put the mummy back to sleep with The Summoner, only to find that it was gone. As Khor-Ru leaned forward, Gabe tried to duck under him, but the mummy's fingers scraped against the back of his neck and it was it was a touch of death that Gabe reckoned he would never forget. Gabe and a hesitant Sari raced off to get help, only to bump into Nila, who told them that they were going to ruin everything. Nila then called out to Khor-Ru, revealing to be his sister and told him that they will share the treasure and rule Egypt together as they have four thousand years ago. She thanked Gabe for The Summoner (which she had stolen from him) as the words were not enough to wake Khor-Ru and ordered her brother to kill the two kids, but Khor-Ru defiantly grabbed her neck and demanded her to let him rest in peace. Gabe managed to get The Summoner back and tried to make the mummy let go of Nila, but Khor-Ru was too strong. As Gabe fell off of Khor-Ru, he inadvertently grabbed Nila's pendant and dropped it, causing it to smash to pieces on the floor. Nila was most upset at this as she had always crept inside it at night to stay alive and then she shrank into a scarab and scurried away while Khor-Ru froze back into his death trance. As Gabe and Sari tried to make sense of what happened, Uncle Ben appeared and Gabe told him it was his fault, to which Ben replied that Nila had already beaten him to it and explained that he had been suspicious at dinner as she already knew there were six words before he could reveal them and the Cairo Sun never heard of her and Dr. Fielding had spotted Nila sneaking into the pyramid and he and Ben hurried to the pyramid to see what she was up to. Then Dr. Fielding and the police entered and asked where Nila was, to which Ben replied that she escaped and Gabe quietly agreed that no one will believe that she turned into a scarab.

After an apology from Dr. Fielding and Khor-Ru was put back in his rightful place, Gabe wasted no time in bragging his courage to Sari as he was the one that stopped Khor-Ru and turned Nila into a beetle. Sari slyly told Gabe that the beetle might be in his cot, waiting to bite Gabe, to which Gabe replied that she couldn't stand the idea that he is the hero. Later that night, Gabe was lying in the cot, thinking about the night's events when he felt a sharp pain. It is unknown what the pain was, but because of how sly Sari was being, it implies that she was playing another trick on Gabe.


Gabe thinks of himself as a typical American kid but he finds it very exciting to visit a country where his ancestors came from and he guesses that the pyramids have special meaning for him since his family is Egyptian. He is quite a thrill-seeker and imaginative and he is fascinated at the discoveries that his uncle makes and how famous he is and sometimes found it hard to believe that Ben is his mother's brother. Gabe is most often annoyed with Sari's bragging and competing and how she is always trying to prove that she is better than him and he has a tendency to get angry when she really pushes it and there were moments when he really hated her. But he does feel sorry for her sometimes, as her mother passed away when she was five and he really does like her. Gabe also gets annoyed with some of his uncle's jokes, but there has been some occasions when he laughed along with him. Gabe also has a bit of humor himself as he tries to tease his father about his weight as often as he could, though he knew that his father is a little sensitive about it. Gabe doesn't think that his parents' refrigerating business is very exciting, but he likes it when they go to neat places and he gets to go with them. Gabe also has a good sense of direction and his parents say they don't need a map when he is around. Gabe can also be a bit of a worrier and sometimes tends to think frightening thoughts when he is worried. Gabe is not a superstitious person, as he walks under ladders and thirteen is his lucky number, but he really believes that the The Summoner will protect him as it saved his, Sari and Uncle Ben's lives and he uses it as a good luck charm. And Gabe knows that it has powers and that it will protect him, whether others say it is fake or not and he will always take it wherever he goes and would never let it out of his sight.


Gabe is tweleve years old, Egyptian-American, tall and thin with curly black hair and brown eyes.



Television and Film



  • Gabe is the first male protagonist to be Egyptian-American. In fact, he is the first Egyptian-American protagonist in general introduced in the series.
  • Gabe's surname was never mentioned in the books, but it was mentioned in the television series.
  • Gabe is the first male protagonist to narrate his own story.


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