"Fun With Spelling" is a short story in More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


The story Fun With Spelling was ghostwritten by Carolyn Crimi, an author who also ghostwrote two books in the Ghosts of Fear Street series.[1] It is currently unknown if any other stories in More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps were ghostwritten.


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Kari's gross Aunt had been staying in her room for the past week. When she left, she gave Kari a book of spells. Kari thumbs through the book and spies spells to cast on enemies. She starts casting a variety of spells on a classmate, Lisa McFly, who has always been mean to her. Kari has cast a spell on Lisa to make her forget her homework. Kati upgrades this to a burping spell. Lisa begins uncontrollably belching during class, causing a student to ask if she ate beans.

Kari is so pleased with her results that she casts a third spell, one which will cause McFly to think she can actually fly the next time she hears her last name spoken. In class the next morning, McFly hears her name and begins flapping her arms. However to Kari's shock, she does begin to fly. Kari races home to find a spell to counteract the last one. She sees her little sister, Libby holding the spell book and suddenly Kari bursts out burping while performing back flips. Lisa flies into the room and thanks Libby.


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