"For the Birds" was a short story featured in the book Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


A girl named Kim is being dragged to a massive Bird Sanctuary to celebrate her parents' wedding anniversary, which she would rather not attend. She starts complaining about having to be around birds, considering she is the only family member to not enjoy things like bird watching and what-not. Mr. Dove, the bird sanctuary's curator, notices her displeasure and takes note of it.

Kim soon comes across a pair of missing hedge-clippers and Mr. Dove believes someone in the family stole them and offers her to get revenge on her family. Each family member was given a different bird-themed bedroom. Kim notices her bedroom overlooks a massive hedge maze. That night, a flock of birds in unison fly around the window of Kim's bedroom, as if they are trying to tell her something.

The next morning, Mr. Dove greets them at the entrance to the hedge maze and shows them his newest hedge, a perfect likeness of the family. The family admires it very well, but it is then they are tricked into walking into a giant birdcage. Mr. Dove then shows them the effects of his magic hedge clippers by using them twice. Each time he makes a movement with them, one family member turns into a bird. Mr. Dove keeps his promise to Kim, though, and turns her into a cat.