"Dr. Horror's House of Video" was the sixth story that appears in the book, More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Ben Adams is a huge horror fan. So much that he has spent his summer vacation indoors watching scary movies. As the story opens, he is watching a movie about a monstrous plant. Eventually his mother boots Ben out of the house, so he decides to run to the video store to see what he might find inside. He comes to the video store named "Dr. Horror's House of Video".

Soon he learns that Dr. Horror is an amateur low budget horror filmmaker. Dr. Horror shows him a scene from his latest opus, Lizardman. But Ben gets dragged off, before he can finish watching. The following day, Ben races back to finish watching the film. The store is closed, but Ben goes in anyways. He finishes watching the film but now finds the front door is locked!

Luckily there is a back door... leading right to Dr. Horror's makeshift garage studio. Rather than being upset that Ben's broke in, he instead decides he will have Ben star in his latest film, a sequel to Lizardman, playing the role of the Lizardman's victim. Various actors dressed as monsters, including a Mummy, a Werewolf, a Vampire and two Aliens, help Dr. Horror with the direction of the film. Dr. Horror ties up Ben to film the scene where the Lizardman eats him. Ben learns too late that all the monsters, including the Lizardman, are not actors, but real monsters, and the ending implies that he gets eaten by them while Dr. Horror films the scene.