"Don't Wake Mummy" was the third story in the book Even More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Jeff lives with his parents and his annoying sister Kim. His dad is a curator at the Natural History Museum and accidentally has a mummy delivered to their home, which they store in the basement until the company can pick it up. Kim convinces Jeff to go downstairs and then locks him in when he gets scared. He keeps thinking he hears the mummy coming to life and coming after him, so he spends $20 on mummy dust to protect himself. Jeff completely freaks out, which causes his parents to rush in and check on him. When he tells them about the noises he heard, his dad turns pale and says there's a rumor this mummy comes to life. His museum got it because the guards at another museum refused to be around it. As long as the chains are in place though, it's perfectly safe. They run downstairs, see the chains missing, and throw the chains back on. Later, Kim bangs on the basement door after getting locked downstairs playing a joke on her brother. She looks over, realizes the chains are missing off the mummy and then hears a thumping noise coming closer and closer to her.

Television Adaptation

The television episode featured many changes in comparison to the story:

  1. Jeff is not just afraid of mummies, but of everything the slightest bit spooky.
  2. Kim had a friend staying over during the television episode, who was not at all in the short story.
  3. Kim plays multiple tricks on Jeff, though she does dress as a mummy for her final trick.
  4. Their father only appears in a telephone call.
  5. The entire television episode takes place at Jeff's home. So he never visits the library or buys the mummies dust.
  6. The mummy was not chained inside of the sarcophagus.
  7. In the television episode, it is said the mummy killed his brother so that he could rule.
  8. The ending was changed also. The mummy is living, due to someone disturbing its sarcophagus and tries to get back its heart. But the heart gets destroyed when Jeff turns on the garbage disposal. Also, the mummy's cat attacks Jeff at the very last second in the television episode.

Television Episode Trivia

  • This television episode was made during the season 3 production run. But it was aired during season 2.
  • This is the first episode to be based off of Tales to Give You Goosebumps
  • This is the second of three television episodes on the DVD for Return of the Mummy.
  • This is a title spoof of the Parker Brothers game, Don't Wake Daddy.
  • Peter Jarvis, who played the mummy, also played Prince Khor-Ru, the mummy in Return of the Mummy, and it is possible they were meant to be the same character (at least in the TV series). The costume, make-up and characterization were certainly very similar.
  • Jeff and Kim's house is actually Freddy and Cara's house from Vampire Breath with the inside redressed.

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