Della River is a ghost girl who appeared in the fifty sixth Goosebumps book, The Curse of Camp Cold Lake.


Della River makes people think that she died from drowning, that's why she's in the water, scaring people. Sarah, the protagonist of The Curse of Camp Cold Lake, meets Della, and Della wants to make Sarah her buddy so she can go to the afterlife. It is revealed that Della didn't die from drowning, she died from a poisonous snake bite while trying to escape through the woods when she got homesick. Della pretended that she had drowned in order to make Sarah afraid of water, which caused Sarah to choose to escape through the woods. Della killed Briana the previous summer, but Briana still refused to be Della's buddy because she didn't like her.


Della has long curls of white-blond hair flowing down the sides of her face and pale blue eyes.

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