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Danger Time was the forty-first book in the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was preceded by Zombie School and followed by All-Day Nightmare.

The cover consisted of an old grandfather clock on a green-and-white striped wall. A key is in the cabinet containing its pendulum. The clock's expression appears to be angry. This cover is similar to the one featured on the cover of Tick Tock, You're Dead! On the right of the grandfather clock is an oval picture of the cover on You're Plant Food!. The time on the clock appears to be 12:45.

It was released in January 2000 and was 135 pages long.


You enter a creepy-looking clock store called It's About Time at the mall. Chronos, the store owner, asks for your help in defusing a "time bomb" which, if it explodes, will stop time forever.

Story A

You choose to help Chronos, so you have to search for the bomb and destroy it before it goes off. But you face a number of dangers including the "Zodiacs", personifications of the various star signs.

Story B

You don't believe Chronos about the time bomb, so you run away from the store, but are then pursued by the sinister Time Police. You have to team up with Chronos, who is leading a rebellion against them; and you can choose to fight them in the past, present or future.

Bad Endings

  • You, Pat and Arnie try to speed yourselves up, but your bodies can't cope, so your molecules burn and you die.
  • Scorpio stings you and you become paralyzed (which doesn't matter, you realize, as the world will end soon anyway).
  • You don't solve the Gemini Giants' riddle, so they kill you.
  • You keep pressing the Time Loop button forever.
  • You see yourselves in a loop, and everyone fades away, and erased from existence.
  • The Time Police send you to a time when you have a very annoying rash and make you repeat that day forever.
  • You push Chronos into a time gate, but you don't know what time he was sent to. He then manages to destroy the world from that time.
  • You get completely lost at the Hub, and never manage to save the world.
  • You destroy a device by accident, and time is completely messed up.
  • Pisces decides to eat the three of you, rather than help you, because your zodiac sign has nothing to do with water. (This depends on the reader's sign in real life).
  • Everyone but you, Pat, Arnie, and the Time Police are frozen so you hide from the Time Police in a wolf cage, thinking the wolves will be frozen, but only humans are affected.
  • Leo the lion leads you to a cave with 2 baby lions. They must be hungry, because they're licking their chops and advancing forward in your direction. You, Arnie and Pat are then eaten by the lions.

Good Endings

  • You save the day, and are given an award each - a medal with a watch in it.  You are pleased because Pat has no reason to be always late now.
  • You prevent the Time Bomb exploding in the Hub, but decide that you hate horoscopes now as the Zodiacs (who are real) did nothing to help at all.
  • You and the time police become millionares because of a movie deal.
  • You and the others stop Chronos and are known by the time police forever as a hero.
  • This event never really happened, and you really aren't late for the movie.
  • You wind up in a carnival with the others, near a bunch of cute girls.


  • Some choices in Story A depend on the reader's real-life horoscope. If the reader does not have the "right" star sign, they must cheat in order to complete the storyline successfully.
  • Chronos, and the Time Police, can either be good or evil depending on the reader's choices.
  • Chronos was the name of the Greek Titan who ruled the universe and time.

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