Countess Yvonne is a female vampire who appeared as an antagonist in the fifteenth Give Yourself Goosebumps book, Please Don't Feed the Vampire!.


Countess Yvonne appears in the book. She is featured in some bad endings.

  • The reader throws a glass of blood in Countess Yvonne's face and she is swarmed by the other vampires trying to lick the blood off her. Instead of escaping, the reader join the other vampires and try to drink some of the blood. The reader gets scolded for making that decision and are advised to close the book and repeat "It is not normal to drink blood." The book tells you how weird the Reader is and speculates that the Reader may be a real vampire.
  • Countess Yvonne and the other vampires have drained Gabe of his blood and she locks the Reader inside one of the coffins for years to come....until she decides to free the Reader.

Other appearances

She also makes a cameo appearance in the Goosebumps movie portrayed by Maryann Gorka, but was credited as "Monster #10." She appears as part of Slappy's army of monsters when released alongside the other monsters. She can be seen during the scene when the monsters chased everyone in the Gym.