Counselor Buddy is the head counselor of Camp Jellyjam from the thirty-third Goosebumps book, The Horror at Camp Jellyjam.


He found Wendy and Elliot stranded in their crashed trailer, so he suggests that they stay at Camp Jellyjam until the counselors find their parents, but Wendy notices something suspicious about him and the other counselors: they always want her to participate in a sport and be the best, like her life depends on it. She then discovers that Buddy and the other counselors are the brainwashed slaves of King Jellyjam.

General information

Physical appearance

Buddy has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is described by Wendy as having "about two thousand teeth." This describes his seemingly-permanent, huge smile.

He is dressed in the Camp Jellyjam's uniform: a white t-shirt tucked into baggy white shorts. Buddy wears a pin on his shirt that says, "ONLY THE BEST" in bold black letters.