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Cody Jones (born 1985) is an actor who played Noah Cadwell in "The Haunted Mask" and "The Haunted Mask II" and Danny Anderson in "The Ghost Next Door".


  • Cody has also co-starred with other Goosebumps actors in other television series:
    • He co-starred with Kristen Bone, Annick Obonsawin, Amos Crawley, Kyle Fairlie, Gil Filar, Elizabeth Saunders, Corrine Conley and Wayne Robson in the first season of Franklin.
    • He co-starred with Kristin Fairlie, Kristen Bone, Kyle Fairlie, Amos Crawley, Janet-Laine Green, Wayne Robson and Ellen-Ray Hennessy in Babar: King of the Elephants.

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